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Post by Eorl @ 01:28pm 16/12/14 | 0 Comments
Riptor the cybernetic dinosaur is the next fighter coming to Iron Galaxy's Killer Instinct on Xbox One. She's the subject of a new trailer that highlights how she'll fight and helps explain why a dinosaur is in the fighting game in the first place.

Shown in the trailer below, Riptor is the creation of Ultratech, the same company that developed Fulgore. The "Riptor Advance Combat Infiltration Unit" features a cybernetically augmented tail for extra reach and is further weaponized by her ability to breathe fire. She also has color and genetic modification options, the video says, showing that Riptor comes with a variety of skins and accessories, like feathers.

At the end of the video, players will get a peek (of sorts) at the next Killer Instinct character who describes himself as "the herald of Gargos," the big bad from Killer Instinct 2.

Riptor will be available in Killer Instinct beginning December 17th, when she rolls out to players who own the Ultra Edition of the game. Season 2 Combo Breaker Edition owners get access to her on December 23rd.

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