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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:25am 12/12/14 | 35 Comments
Thanks to Sony Mobile, AusGamers has a mammoth holiday giveaway where five lucky people can walk away with their own mobile gaming cave set-up that includes a Sony Xperia Z3 handset, a PS4, a Dualshock Mount for the handset and a mobile gaming tent.

Is the TV in your house a struggle to own for gaming? Are you constantly kicked off so someone can watch silly reality TV shows about singing, or islands, or singing on islands? With the Sony Xperia Z3 and the PS4's Remote Play functionality, you can take the TV with you by streaming your PS4 experience to the mobile device over a Wi-Fi network, which is why we're also giving you an exclusive gaming tent so you can create your own uninterruptable gaming space.

All you need to do to go into the draw for this giveaway is tell us in 25 words or less:
What most commonly interrupts your videogame time?

The most creative (or heartbreaking) entries will go into the draw to be one of five lucky winners for the full prize-pack.

Click here to enter!

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:56pm 12/12/14
I totally hope I win. Go me :D

Hey Steve who's the judge for this here comp?

We go way back Steve ;) Mariokart comp and everything haha
Posted 06:01pm 12/12/14
Entered. It would be good to win this, all these years waiting for the next QGL LAN after all..
Posted 06:43pm 12/12/14
Heh it'd have to be that massive politics thread that most commonly interrupts videogame time.
Damn it, can't play games... people are wrong on the internet.
Posted 06:57pm 12/12/14
post what you wrote guys so we make sure we don't submit the same thing :-)
Posted 07:04pm 12/12/14
What most commonly interrupts your videogame time?

My cat. Also, having to eat. Eating is bad. Eating means less gaming. Someone hook me up with an IV. I already have a ps4, you can keep it, just give me my IV.
Posted 10:34pm 14/12/14
I'm sorry Whoop that's over 25 words. You have been removed from the competition. Better luck next time
Posted 10:44pm 14/12/14
I hope I win... I never received my Wargaming pack even though I was one of the ones chosen to get it :(
The Nerfatar
Posted 04:40am 15/12/14
I pretty much only stop playing games to enter competitions about playing games.
Posted 08:41am 15/12/14
What size is the Tent? Looks like it's a re-branded Ezy-up which would come in handy.
Pitty decades of gaming has ruined what little imagine I once had as a kid and I can never think of anything decent to write for these things.
Posted 08:42am 15/12/14
Damn my lack of creativity :(
Posted 10:09am 15/12/14
Yeah I don't like the competitions where you have to answer things. I'm a bit daft. I prefer random name draw.

I was gonna make a joke about how we could send Steven nudes pics and he judges what one he likes best.

If I win I would sell/give away the PS4 cause I already have one. I would keep the phone though.
Posted 11:35am 15/12/14
Cool prize. Step up from the leftover junk on someones desk :P
Posted 11:57am 15/12/14
They can't do a lottery because of Laws. By making us put in a 25 word submission it isn't a lottery anymore, yay. (Doesn't mean they can't just pull winners out randomly, like a lottery anyway..)
Posted 12:25pm 15/12/14
Yeah I don't like the competitions where you have to answer things. I'm a bit daft. I prefer random name draw.

I was gonna make a joke about how we could send Steven nudes pics and he judges what one he likes best.

If I win I would sell/give away the PS4 cause I already have one. I would keep the phone though.

Posted 12:39pm 15/12/14
Parents taking modem router away because of siblings being naughty. This is so annoying and I cant do anything about it.
Posted 11:50pm 22/12/14
Good luck everyone.
Posted 12:19pm 24/12/14
BAH, and I'm too late to the party! My single reason for playing games is getting married, hence why I rarely visit this website these days :(
Posted 02:14pm 24/12/14
I WON! Thanks a bunch guys!
Posted 04:51pm 07/1/15
Soo.... Comp ended.

I won one. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Happy Daaayyss :D
Posted 05:24pm 07/1/15
you know, a good forum comp organiser would reveal the winning answers
Posted 05:26pm 07/1/15
Cool what was your entry?
Posted 05:30pm 07/1/15
Trillion the winners were announced:

Winning Entries
Congratulations to the following AusGamers readers, the winners of our Sony Xperia Z3 with PS4 Remote Play Giveaway!

Adric Polkinghorne: When Tony Abott unplugs my NBN.

Martin Nankivell: The wife, whinging at me about mixed priorities and things like "responsibility" and "parenting", but she always wins.

Brendan : Insubordinate minions requiring constant parental supervision. Lets have kids she said, it'll be fun she said. What a disaster that was.

Clifford Parks: The cat. Why would you consistently eject your hairball, plus bonus stomach juice, directly in front of/onto my seating position? Why?

Stephanie Morgan: Boyfriend needing to be fed! He wants food while he continues to game, and I must stop to tend to his grumbling tummy! Ahhhh, love!

Edit: Also, Audi has claimed and lied about winning comps before, I wouldn't trust anything he says.

last edited by FraktuRe at 17:30:00 07/Jan/15
The Nerfatar
Posted 05:37pm 07/1/15
I bet I won but then they were all "Damn, that guy can't win again, being that hilarious is an unfair advantage"
Posted 06:32pm 07/1/15
Thought my entry was a shoe in.

Any more comps coming soon?
Posted 06:39pm 07/1/15
Can I have PS4 considering you prob wont play it?
Posted 07:27pm 07/1/15
yay clifford won! <3
Posted 09:25pm 07/1/15
Woo! Yep sure did spook :D Dude just rocked up to the door this arvo.

Where was that announced Fracture?
Posted 09:34pm 07/1/15
Ah cheers
Posted 10:12pm 07/1/15
Why hasn't the coke colour your summer comp been judged, it ended weeks ago and according to the terms and conditions winners were meant to be contacted within 2 days of the judging date (which was the 10th of December).
Posted 10:46pm 07/1/15
Hay did you get some doohicky to attach the Xperia to the PS4 controller?
Posted 11:18pm 07/1/15
No I don't think I did...? I haven't opened in all yet but I was assuming it would be part of the controller? Do you need a separate doohickymahwhatsit?
Posted 12:24am 08/1/15
Dunno, haven't opened the 2nd controller box yet.
Posted 10:30pm 08/1/15
I got that thingy in the mail today Toll. :) You?

Now just waiting on the 'game cave' tent. lol.
Posted 10:36pm 08/1/15
Yeah I just got it today too, yeah no tent yet.

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