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Post by Eorl @ 03:00pm 11/12/14 | 9 Comments
Star Wars: The Old Republic's Shadow of Revan expansion is now live, bringing a swathe of new content including increase in levels and a new storyline arc to the free-to-play MMO.

The new expansion will deliver a chunk of new story content centered around Revan, a powerful Jedi central to the plot of BioWare and Obsidian’s Knights of the Old Republic RPGs. According to its description, Shadow of Revan will focus in on the re-emergence of “a long-hidden sect of extremists” led by Revan intending to enact a plan that “will leave the Republic and the Empire in ashes.”

What this amounts to in terms of gameplay is “five new levels” of narrative, a new level cap of 60 and new “high-level multiplayer Flashpoints and Operations.” The expansion will also add in a fresh swathe of gear and reputation rewards as well as a new “discipline system” that will allow players to “customize [their] combat experience” by selecting new disciplines as they advance through the game.

Unfortunately for all free-to-play players, the new content is subject to all the same restrictions as the rest of the game. To see BioWare’s full announcement, feel free to head over to the game’s official website.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:04pm 11/12/14
argh! you got me again!
Posted 03:05pm 11/12/14
cool title
Tanaka Khan
Posted 03:58pm 11/12/14
Best fix the title before Trog bans you Eorl
Posted 04:05pm 11/12/14
I blame triumph.

I'm tempted to give Star Wars another playthrough, was a lot of fun and a great MMO despite its shortcomings. Sucks that they don't have Australian servers anymore though, and now WoW does its hard to move away.
The Nerfatar
Posted 05:10pm 11/12/14
I was really getting into it pre-3.0, prepped myself for the expansion by saving up commendations etc, immediately lost interest with the patch last week forcing everybody onto a raiding rotation build, rather than being able to opt for fewer skills and more general utility by spending those points elsewhere. All the characters I've built up are suddenly not the same people anymore. While the complex rotations are doable, they are boring and annoying, and I never specced purely into them before.

When I've finished some work I'll get through the story stuff, but the rather straight forward builds that I'd mastered before are suddenly non-existent, and it's going to be much less fun. End game also seems to be borked with fewer options on group finder now etc, so eh. I think that pre 3.0 was at a really sweet spot.

Also I'm in better gear but can't consistently solo the heroics on Oricon anymore, this makes me cranky, killing those guys was fun.
Posted 07:38pm 17/12/14
Thanks Eorl, just grabbed it.
The Nerfatar
Posted 11:23pm 31/12/14
Just played through it, only took a few hours, was pretty bad, big step down from Rise of the Hutt Cartel imo. The areas were just bland untextured maze'y nothingness most of the time, most conversations have been reduced to just a single line said by the NPC when you click on them without a cutscene, the missions were the blandest MMO cliches ever of going around killing 20 animals, releasing prisoners from cages, clicking on damn activation alters or whatever for some reason that I didn't even have any grasp of from the story, I was just following the quest pointers. The alliance thing was rushed and felt like fan service rather than being explored in any depth.

Revan himself was handled partly ok. Theran and Lana were both also kind of ok. Regular companions were hit and miss, Nadia at least showed a ton of new personality and growth.

All in all, 3.0 onwards has killed my growing excitement that I had for SWTOR in the lead up to it, forged alliances were great and the old class builds had the option of being much less annoying 10 million ability glass cannony type of stuff. There wasn't even any challenge in this at all anyway, the whole thing was a complete cakewalk. At least the previous one had things like the isotope 5 droid, the archon, etc. No use of their sweet starfighter mechanics or anything, any sort of 'dynamic' quest like using the binoculars or using a turret just has you move the reticle to click on an unmoving target.
Posted 11:43pm 31/12/14
Well there is always KOTOR on steam and its still on special. I picked up the first one because I did not have a proper copy of it, I played through it first on the first xbox though. I would come back but I got too many games to play and I am apathetic towards MMOs. They are just not for me anymore.
Posted 03:04am 02/4/15
Personally, I enjoyed this update I am not a really big SWTOR player and any changes are welcomed. They should change more in the game, I would like to see more major updates.
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