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Post by Eorl @ 11:35am 11/12/14 | 8 Comments
With its launch fast-approaching, Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier Developments has taken it upon themselves to offer up a new trailer celebrating its Gamma 2.0 stage, and while in pure cinematic form it still looks incredibly fancy.

Earlier this week it was also announced that those who have previously played in past betas or alphas will have none of their progress wiped when the game releases on December 16th. Players’ starting credits will also be increased tenfold and all players starting or restarting the game will receive the new credits allocation.

Elite: Dangerous is currently still available for pre-order, with more information available through the official website.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:44am 11/12/14
been playing the game since Beta 3, really enjoying it. Highly recommend to anyone who likes space sims. I haven't tried the multi-player yet so I cant really comment on it.. but solo play is awesome.. especially if you like exploration.

also I found had some issues playing with keyboard and mouse (but i fail at all flight sims when i use keyboard and mouse). I have been using the Saitek X52 flight System and find it soo much better, though if you are going to buy flight stick for the game I would recommend something with a few more buttons.. the X52 does the job but I still have some buttons bound to keyboard cause i ran out o buttons lol..

I think my next purchase will be a Trackir when I can afford it..
Posted 07:42pm 11/12/14
why isn't it on steam?
Posted 07:51pm 11/12/14
Pity the game isn't haha. It's an ok game but I have to say, never in my life have a played a game for so long and experienced NO reward and achieved NOTHING. This worries me. Games for me need a lot of rewards constantly or I'm out very fast. Even if it's upgrades or new missions or something. This game is more like meditation that excitement
Posted 08:01pm 11/12/14
To clarify I do like the game. Just wish there was a clearer path to fun, at the moment it's pretty slow going.
Posted 03:22am 16/12/14
I've been waiting for my refund since the 24th of last month. So I just added to my ticket saying along the lines of "f*** you ill keep the game and your service is s*****."

Ill keep the game. I need to find people to hang with in the game and get me started.
Posted 09:25am 16/12/14
I've been waiting for my refund since the 24th of last month.

are you one of those people who raged over the no offline mode? if so check out Limit Theory and Limit Theory Youtube Chan
Posted 10:18am 16/12/14
Not really raged. I just did not like the fact that when I bought it, it said it was going to have a single player. Plus a little buyers remorse over paying so much. The game should have a lower price point like $25 USD. But what ever, Ill keep it and see where it goes.
Posted 10:29am 16/12/14
BladeRunner, it still has solo play (single player) its just that it doesn't have offline mode.. don't know if that's any consolation.. I got annoyed initially as well.. but meh.. I like playing the game and as I said I still haven't gotten into multi player at all.

still I would recommend look at Limit theory, amazing looking game, release date is some time in 2015 dev stopped accepting any additional funding once the kick starter ended, Which is something I like even though I didn't get in on the kick starter, its nice to see that at least one dev hasn't 'screwed' over his backers yet.
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