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Day Z creator Dean Hall has returned home to New Zealand and launched his own studio called RocketWerkz.

Hall revealed earlier in the year that he planned to do this after doing a bunch of work on Bohemia's online-focused action survival game (which it bought from Hall and which started out as an Arma 2 mod).

While Hall has not revealed what kinds of games he plans to make, there's a distinct possibility that it will be another survival game; earlier in the year he said that he felt that Day Z was too limiting. For anyone who is in New Zealand, Hall has also put out the word that he is hiring qualified staff for various positions.

Hall's mod-turned-full-blown game was released on steam Early Access late last year and proved to be a major hit for Bohemia - it sold over a million copies in a month.

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Back to NZ to make games he doesn't believe in!
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