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Post by Eorl @ 09:59am 11/12/14 | 6 Comments
Speaking at the BMO Capital Markets 2014 Technology & Digital Media Conference (as chronicled by GII) today, Take-Two president Karl Slatoff said that those pushing to get Grand Theft Auto V banned in Australia should simply not buy the game if they don't like it, not get it banned from store shelves.

Last week Target Australia and Kmart Australia pulled the game from store shelves after being pressured by an online petition decrying the game's portrayal and treatment of women.

Today Slatoff was blunt in his response:
"We have 34 million people who bought Grand Theft Auto, and if these folks had their way, none of those people would be able to buy Grand Theft Auto. And that really just flies in the face of everything that free society is based on. It's the freedom of expression, and to try to squelch that is a dangerous and slippery slope to go down. So it's really more disappointing for us in that regard than it is in the context of our business. Our business is going to be completely unaffected by this; it doesn't make a difference to us. At the end of the day though, it's not something you want because it's a poor leadership decision."
Slatoff went on to say that Australia is a small region for them and that there are plenty of other retailers that are still selling the game.

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Posted 11:44am 11/12/14
Remember Michael Atkinson and the R18 + hoopla and how NZ could get stuff but we missed out because of porn and shooting wild animals? maybe the fiasco didn't make it to these hallowed grounds but i can tell you it was all men to the pumps on GA notwithstanding the fusty jibes from NZ Gamers(they get games uncensored ) showing us the color of their exposed backsides (oh the humanity).

I guess the legislation (r18+) must have passed if this game made it passed the censorship board,and now after all that hard work a few American shops have the unbridled gall to not stock a game on censorship grounds.

I understand a shop can choose what it wants to sell but this is a slap in the face for the entire gaming community who devoted all those years pillorying M Atkinson.
Posted 11:57am 11/12/14
...and now after all that hard work a few American shops have the unbridled gall to not stock a game on censorship grounds.
Target Australia and Kmart Australia are owned by Wesfarmers, and they have a licensing agreement to use the Target and Kmart names. They're not American.
Posted 12:48pm 11/12/14
But gee whiz, that's called using logic and common sense!

You should know by now that enough people in this country lack that...
Posted 02:22pm 11/12/14
Still don't care that these stores don't stock the game, the stores I frequent and most gamers frequent do. The game is still accessible. This is trivial s*** that gives move attention to the bat s*** crazies that pulled this stunt in the first place.
Posted 05:38pm 11/12/14
I think the great part is all these pillars of the community seemed to completely miss the fact that all their kids probably played and finished it on ps3/360 already.
Posted 12:44am 17/12/14
So true guys.
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