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Post by Eorl @ 05:34am 07/12/14 | 9 Comments
Sony has begun their PlayStation Experience event in Los Angeles with one of the bigger titles of 2015, showing off a first look at what we can expect from Naughty Dog's next iteration in the Uncharted franchise.

Played in realtime on a PlayStation 4 unit, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will offer players a whole new story following the adventures of Nathan Drake, the game's main protagonist from past. The trailer showcases probably one of the more realistic titles coming to PS4, showing off lush forests and almost realistic water.

No solid date has been given for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End outside of the typical 2015 release, so expect more in the coming months. For now, check out the amazing gameplay below and we'll have more from PlayStation Experience soon. You'll also find the game is definitely running in real-time thanks to a hilarious death glitch.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:06am 07/12/14
Yes please. I love Uncharted!
Posted 06:17am 07/12/14
day one
Posted 12:05pm 07/12/14
wow that looked awesome. I liked how it incorporated shooting and platforming rather than one or the other.

I played U3 after TLOU and it felt s***. cannot go back.
Posted 12:31pm 07/12/14
Finally a good excuse to buy a ps4
Posted 02:49pm 07/12/14
i watched the live stream and it was kind of funny when the player died and fell through the world. can't say it's not in game.
Posted 04:21pm 07/12/14
i dont as yet have a ps4 but will prob buy one just for a select few titles such as this one, others would include a new God of War and to play through the remastered version of TLOU. And i agree with above comment, U3 was a bit s***, it was a little weak compared to the first two, but still a good game compared to some of the s***e that has been released recently, whats happened to having pride in your work. I wish the game devs would put out some decent well polished titles instead of worrying about hitting some deadline that falls before christmas leaving the games rushed and a broken mess, which now seems to be spilling into the console market aswell, if they released a decent well polished title the money will come regardless. Lets hope Naughty Dog puts out a ripper of a game that shows up those bigger companies and shows them how its done, putting them all to shame. ((simple comment turned into a rant) but it is frustrating)
Posted 11:32pm 07/12/14
Cool. I bought a ps3 slim to play through the uncharted games and the last of us. Now i want a ps4 for the last of us HD and this game ;)

I hope it's better than #3.
Posted 07:57pm 08/12/14
wow that looked awesome. I liked how it incorporated shooting and platforming rather than one or the other.

I played U3 after TLOU and it felt s***. cannot go back.

TLOU has turned me into a console peasant. Even that has it's funny moments. I once got stuck inside of a piece of the hydro plant after trying to save Tommy. Had to reload from a previous checkpoint but couldn't screenshot it for whatever reason.
Posted 08:43pm 08/12/14
I recently bought a PS3 slim just to play The Last Of Us as well, totes worth it. Also started the Uncharted series, finished 1 and am near the end of 2, love them - great games! Will defo be keen to check out 4.
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