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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:03pm 05/12/14 | 4 Comments
Evolve may have missed its original launch window of October 2014, but the extra time in development has lead to one of the most exciting co-op and multiplayer games ever developed. We recently went hands-on with every game mode, across every map with the final four hunters out at Turtle Rock Studios.

Evacuation, one of the game's new modes, is an ambitious five-day (in-game time) multi-mode jaunt with hundreds of thousands of possible combinations in map and mode variation based on win scenarios and more.

From our preview:
By and large each encounter and mode we played felt pretty well handled from a balance perspective, though our final jaunt through one of the most ambitious modes revealed, “Evacuation”, left our four consecutive wins against the monster somewhat meaningless in the final part of its five-day setup where the handicap system was stacked four times against us and the monster player -- a Frenchie I’m not afraid to say was horrible at the game -- emerged unbelievably triumphant. To be fair, we had a player out for the first part of the round and so our medic was AI-controlled, which may have impacted our performance overall, but it still didn’t feel right. It’s not a huge issue though, because 2K graciously gave Turtle Rock a huge nod in the delay department and while the game was due to hit us this gone October, it’s new delivery address of February next year means balance issues like that should be ironed out.
Click here for our Turtle Rock Studios studio tour and hands-on.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:33am 06/12/14
Was a bit let down by the beta to be honest cant help but think it would be more fun if they stayed to their l4d model and had 4 weaker monsters working together.

The maps are already covered in ai ones so the potential is there, missing that coordination I used to love from l4d infected side, plus that $80 price tag is hardly justified
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:53am 06/12/14
did you read the preview syzk? There's a huge amount of retail content in there, and a third monster is yet to be revealed. Plus there is plenty of co-ordination on the Hunters part, especially with the dynamism of the new modes. You can't just create a system and apply it every time -- the game's conflict shifts and changes all the time.
Posted 10:46am 06/12/14
Yea I read it, totally appreciate them trying something new but I'm not sure it works for me :S

The coordination on the hunter side was great I enjoyed playing them the most I just wish that teamwork carried over to the other side in some way that's all, not asking for a clone or anything maybe something along the lines of allowing 3 other players controlling the wildlife ai to help buy their monster more time, not saying I have any better ideas just that I felt the monster side lacking a bit.
Posted 11:01am 06/12/14
I agree with syzk. I would have preferred a 4v4 mode. Pretty much a more refined version of Versus mode in L4D.

Saying that I still had fun playing and think it is worth $45USD (GMG with 25% code).
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