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Post by Eorl @ 09:14am 05/12/14 | 13 Comments
Although Warlords of Draenor - the fifth expansion to Blizzard's ever-popular MMO World of Warcraft - has been out for some time now, players are only just now gaining access to the expansion's first raid, Highmaul. Since opening seven top guilds have cleared through the content, including Finnish veteran guild Paragon.

Highmaul is described as a relatively large raid with its seven bosses (with 2 of them being optional), and some funky moves to keep you on your toes. While not as big as say Ulduar, Naxxramas or Icecrown back in the old days, you'll definitely still have fun with these seven bosses for weeks and weeks.

You can read more about Highmaul through Blizzard's own introductory story, and you'll also find that the update has brought through the Alliance Chopper mount among various other tweaks and changes. We'll have more on Warlords of Draenor in the coming weeks as I continue to battle through the game's content, so keep your eyes peeled for my next diary and my eventual rounding review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:39pm 05/12/14
The real race starts next week, when mythic unlocks
Posted 08:55pm 05/12/14
Yea glad I left my guild and took a break until the race is over. Progression raiding just isn't for me.
Posted 09:41pm 05/12/14
And just to be anal about it, theres 3 optional bosses, not 2 :p
Posted 10:03pm 05/12/14
So basically it's one of the smaller raid zones. ;)
Posted 10:04pm 05/12/14
I believe my guild did 5 mixed mains/alts heroic runs on the day it was released (to feed loot to their mains for next week).
Posted 11:02am 10/12/14
Mythic is out now and the race to world firsts has begun. Local servers already paying dividends with an aussie guild, Ascension, taking out all the world firsts so far (world first Kargath, Brackenspore and Twin Ogron).
Posted 03:37pm 10/12/14
Nice! That's my guild.
Posted 03:40pm 10/12/14
They just got world first Ko'ragh 12 minutes ago.
Posted 06:29pm 10/12/14
pretty sweet an aussie guild took it, gotta love dem local servers. my guild starts mythic tonight, I haven't got myself ready for raiding yet tho :(
Posted 06:53pm 10/12/14
My guild has cleared all the bosses at the start of highmaul. The moss lord dude was a fun fight. Tectus wiped his ass with us many times before we got him down. Kargath was a little b****, we killed him on like the 2nd attempt.
Posted 12:09am 11/12/14
Yeah, Kargath is a really easy fight but man is it fun. It just looks so damn cool, when he chains people up and swings them round his head, and the tank impale and tiger pits and everything. Love that fight.
Posted 08:37am 11/12/14
Agree, he may have been easy, but the fight is fun. Same with brackenspore and tectus. Definately cool fights and the twins are looking to be just the same.
Posted 11:02pm 15/12/14
sorted thanks
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