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Post by Eorl @ 08:56am 03/12/14 | 11 Comments
Valve has announced a beta for "Steam Broadcasting," a mode that lets you watch your online friends play their Steam games live.

When you see a friend playing a game, clicking on their profile will now show a "Watch Game" option. Broadcasters have access to privacy settings and can choose who watches their streams, whether their desktops are visible, and more.

Steam Broadcasting mode is available now. If you want to try it out, you'll need to opt in by following these steps:
  • Go to the Steam client main menu
  • Under the "Settings" tab, click on account
  • Change your "Beta Participation" setting to "Steam Beta Update"
  • To broadcast, you must have access to a "non-limited" Steam account, which simply means you've made a purchase over Steam. Your account must also not currently be Community Banned.

    According to Valve's FAQ, broadcasts are currently "live only," and cannot be saved to view later.


    Latest Comments
    Posted 09:42am 03/12/14
    Twitch now has competition? Going to be interesting as I can see his is a big push because of things like Dota 2 and CSGO.
    Posted 09:57am 03/12/14
    Good luck getting an internet connection good enough for this unless you're on FTTP.
    Posted 10:03am 03/12/14
    need more upload!!!
    Posted 11:01am 03/12/14
    Yeah, my cable connection struggles with 720p streaming. Really struggles. To the point that the internet is useless for anyone else.

    Well two years of s***** government to go and maybe they wont get much done on the NBN and Labor will return and give us a decent NBN.
    Posted 11:47am 03/12/14
    Anyone know how it works, as in where the Steam broadcasting servers are located?

    Twitch is horrible for Aussies because there are no twitch servers in Aus, we stream to singapore for broadcasting.

    Also can you stream non steam games added to steam?
    Posted 12:17pm 03/12/14
    Streaming non-Steam games works perfectly fine.
    Posted 01:09pm 03/12/14
    people have been streaming porn and anime.
    Posted 01:20pm 03/12/14
    yeah it would be just like streaming in house from your main pc to your htpc you can run other games that are not in steam :)
    Posted 05:21pm 03/12/14
    Where I am living, 15 minutes from Melbourne CBD, this won't be an option for me until at least 2018 according to the new plans just released by the government. 100k or 1mbit upload is not even close to enough. Awesome job they are doing. I'm actually gonna move, possibly country.
    Posted 09:03pm 03/12/14
    Cool. But in other news, man, that was a pretty poor Steam sale, even if Autumn is just a warm up for hte Winter sale.
    Posted 09:11pm 03/12/14
    This will be great to play adventure games together to solve puzzles.

    Bring on new Kings Quest!
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