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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:25pm 02/12/14 | 16 Comments
To be fair, this review should have been up at least a week ago, but dammnit if GTA V itself, outside of review content, isn't the biggest, worst distraction on the planet. And on next-gen it's like a finely cut drug (not that we know anything about that sort of thing)...

Our original review has all the details (handily linked in this review), but on the whole there's no sugarcoating what Rockstar has done here, this is not only an update on the original game, it's a supremely superior version that brings more bells and whistles than a bell and whistle traveling salesperson.

From the review:
The base stuff remains the same. You’ll play through the story and all that has to offer, with dynamic options along the way, as you did before. Obviously if you’re a returning player you can make different decisions to the ones you may have before for a different outcome, but the truth is there’s nothing overly new from a campaign sense. Oh, wait there is -- you can play the damn thing in first-person now, which fundamentally changes the game, and in many cases for the better.
Click here for our full next-gen GTA V review.

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Posted 12:50pm 02/12/14
GTA Online has a few bugs on Xbox One but they have been adding a lot of patches to it lately so hopefully it will be running smooth soon. It is still very playable though. A lot more so then it was at the 360/PS3 launch anyway.
Posted 05:55pm 02/12/14
How can you give any game 10.0 out of 10? It's absolutely not possible. There's no such thing as a perfect game.
Posted 07:11pm 02/12/14
Lets be honest PC Watchdogs looks a f*** load better than this "next gen" version of GTA.
Posted 10:21pm 02/12/14
Yeah but it isn't about graphics alone audi
Posted 10:26pm 02/12/14
Eh....scrolled to the bottom and read the rating. 10. So.... a perfect game then. Apparently.

Looking at the screenshots, yes it is a nice looking console game. Still, nothing to write home about compared to what it should look like on PC.

Also, "Certain hardfail scenarios could have been handled with a more dynamic player-driven outcome" Is this fixed? If not, it is a not a perfect game still.
Posted 11:13pm 02/12/14
How can you give any game 10.0 out of 10? It's absolutely not possible. There's no such thing as a perfect game.

uh oh, #ausgamersgate

Every time I hear the hype about GTA V I think s*** yeah, gonna buy this. Then I see gameplay videos and my enthusiasm dies. It just looks boring. Maybe it's not boring but all the gameplay videos I watch make it seem like it is.
Posted 11:27pm 02/12/14
Its a tad slower paced that previous iterations but it can be as fast and fun as you want it to be. They really nailed the sandbox with GTAV. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it.

I've been playing the s*** out of the next gen version, slowly working my way through the storyline again but most of my time is spent in GTAO. I kind of gave it a skip on the the last gen systems cause it was so unstable at launch. But now its f*****g awesome experience and I'm having tons of fun in it. Never short of activities to do and randoms to screw over.
Posted 11:54pm 02/12/14
I only got half way through GTA 5, but it's awesome, the missions / main storyline was super fun and interesting.
Posted 12:38am 03/12/14
Lewk Chaos Theory got 10/10 and voted the best game in the known universe year after year and as far as i know no other game has ever come close not even Hitman Absolution 3/10 sn*****.
Posted 09:31am 03/12/14
The rating 10 has never been positioned as a perfect game on AusGamers, more that it stands as an excellent game that offers incredible features and above all else amazing gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto V is definitely this, especially more so on new-gen/PC. I'm playing on PS4 and am once again being blown away by just how alive the world feels over the past-gen consoles. Animals are everywhere, people are everywhere and cars are everywhere. The world now feels truly alive, with no emptiness in sight (unless in the sense of desert being deserted). I actually get stuck in traffic because there are more than five cars on the road.

If you haven't played GTA V, or even if you have on past-gen consoles, I definitely recommend grabbing this. You can find it super cheap at typical stores, and the experience is just so damn awesome, especially with first-person mode.
Posted 07:23pm 03/12/14
Yeah I played this on Xbox 360 and finished it, once they announce FPS mode I pre-ordered.

Playing the game in FPS mode is fantastic the game feels brand new again and I notice so many little things that I didn't notice before, well worth playing again.

GTA5 online is fun as always
Posted 06:20am 04/12/14
I am level 123 on GTA Online and have my own crew so if anyone on Xbox wants to join let me know. At the moment it's just me and my nephew in my crew but we are probably going to need more people for heists.
Posted 07:50am 04/12/14

So the soccer mum petition is doing the rounds again, obviously someone bought it for their kids...

Target Australia has pulled video game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) off shelves over controversy about the game's depiction of violence against women.

A petition calling on the retailer to withdraw the game from sale gained more than 38,000 signatures.

Posted 09:24am 04/12/14
Yeah what a crock of s***, Typical jump reaction from target. Take Two's response basically sums it up...

“We are disappointed that an Australian retailer has chosen no longer to sell Grand Theft Auto V — a title that has won extraordinary critical acclaim and has been enjoyed by tens of millions of consumers around the world,” said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive Software. “Grand Theft Auto V explores mature themes and content similar to those found in many other popular and groundbreaking entertainment properties. Interactive entertainment is today’s most compelling art form and shares the same creative freedom as books, television, and movies. I stand behind our products, the people who create them, and the consumers who play them.”

But at the end of the day it means very little, Target is full of bulls*** soccer mums and bratty ass kids. It's a second choice location for buying games, if they don't want to stock something cause it may upset the core demographic of there sales then it makes perfect sense for them not to stock it.

No problems selling 50 Shades of Grey and American History X however.
Posted 02:45pm 04/12/14
dont get wrapped around the axles
Posted 12:03am 09/12/14
Banning GTA is ridiculous, I think this opinion piece says it best (NSFW) “Morons move to ban GTA V because… sexism?”
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