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Post by Eorl @ 11:52am 27/11/14 | 14 Comments
The age-old American tradition of stampeding into stores to gather as many cheap items as possible is nearly upon that section of the world, however in recent times these cheap deals have begun to spread to other corners of the globe thanks in-part to our digital presence. Follow on for a list of all current deals available to Australian gamers as we celebrate the joy of Black Friday.

First off we'll start with the free stuff. Runic’s action-RPG Torchlight is currently available for free right now through the official Arc Games site - though you'll need to install the Arc client first. If you can put up with that inconvenience Torchlight is yours for free forever and for a limited time the sequel, Torchlight 2, is only $5. This deal ends November 30th so jump on it quick.

Moving over to Origin, EA's digital service is currently listing off a whole range of their products with some steep discounts. Of the titles currently available, Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall is seeing the best discount at $14.99 for the PC version. Other titles include Battlefield 4, The Sims 4, SimCity and more, all of which can be viewed on Origin's official site.

Blizzard is celebrating the annual discounted day with their own sales on a range of products. World of Warcraft and all of its pre-Warlords of Draenor expansions can be had for the low price of $6.24, while Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 (plus expansions) are available at 50% off.

If you happen to spot any sales we've missed, drop us a line in the comments and we'll make sure to add it into the list. Once again, prepare thy wallets and ensure you have adequate noodle savings to live off.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:48pm 27/11/14
Whats a cheap videocard that will run SC2?
Posted 01:15pm 27/11/14
Excellent deals from Blizzard, StarCraft II is a bargain!

greazy pretty much any card will run it well. I run it at 80fps on high settings with an AMD 1GB 7700.
Posted 01:49pm 27/11/14
How about a Radeon HD 5450 or a GeForce 8400? Budget is like $50, thats what I mean by cheap.
Posted 01:50pm 27/11/14
So that WoW product ($6.24) includes everything up to, but excluding, the latest expansion?
Posted 01:56pm 27/11/14
So that WoW product ($6.24) includes everything up to, but excluding, the latest expansion?

Yup, as well as 30 day first month, grabbed a couple keys for the kids.
Posted 02:28pm 27/11/14
greazy my card is an HD7700. So you could probably get away with those cards you mentioned on medium settings, but don't expect great performance.
Blizzard intentionally made StarCraft II scalable for older systems but it is still a relatively new game. Though it runs well on old machines on the lowest possible settings.
Posted 02:44pm 27/11/14
SC2 on lowest possible looks really, really bad tho. As in hilariously wtf, last time I did that.
Posted 03:01pm 27/11/14
I just want to play the single player, dont really care about multi atm. But anything sub $100 that allows me to play at mid-high at decent frame rate?
Posted 03:31pm 27/11/14
This might be a good buy Greazy. Basically anything sub $100 should be able to run SC2 on mediumish settings, though you may have to turn things like shadows off.
Posted 05:04pm 27/11/14
Thanks Eorl I'll give it a try. But I think I need something low profile though :-/ also probably PSU limitations. F*** I should just build a proper comp.
Posted 07:24pm 27/11/14
Should I get wow? I have accounts already but my characters are on servers that aren't Australian. My friend tried to refer me but it wasn't working. Kinda on the fence.
Posted 09:44pm 27/11/14
Your on the right track however a refresh version of those HD XXXX cards is better value with more clever bits in the card, something like a Gigabyte GV-R523D3-1G RADEON R5 230 1GB DDR3 PCIE2.0 DUALLINK DVI for 48$ would be pretty good however a Gigabyte GV-R724OC-2GI R7 240 DDR3 2048MB for 69$ from is prolly your best bet. I know its like way over budget but its a Directx 11.2 card with 2GB ram it would be better value to spend 19$ extra to play the game (and others) looking good rather than simply scraping thru.
Anyhow hope u work something out cause its a great game, good luck! :)
Posted 01:05pm 28/11/14
Thanks Nutbag!
Posted 12:21am 29/11/14
Tried buying reaper of souls twice, both times get 404 page not found error when I select purchase...
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