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Post by Eorl @ 12:43pm 25/11/14 | 16 Comments
Blizzard has begun celebrating World of Warcraft's 10th anniversary with a number of in-game events, including the revival of the long-standing battle between Tarren Mill and Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills and a maximum-level Molten Core raid.

For those simply logging into the game between the anniversary time of Friday, November 21 to Tuesday, January 6, 2015 will be given a feisty, fiery new Molten Corgi to love, pet, and call their own. Cuddle at your own risk. One of WoW’s classic 40-player raids, Molten Core, will also be returning in Raid Finder for level 100 players (average item level 615 required). Making it through the underground gauntlet and defeating Ragnaros will reward players with a Core Hound mount and a Warlords of Draenor Raid Finder–quality helm.

To recapture the feeling of the endless tug-of-war of early WoW PvP, Blizzard are also opening a special Team Deathmatch–style Battleground based on the timeless struggle between Southshore and Tarren Mill. Two different brackets for players to take part in will be available: one for level 90–99 characters and another for level 100. Unlike the old days of Tarren Mill vs. Southshore, this Battleground has a clearly defined victor, so you’ll need to work as a team or face crushing defeat. A win will gain you a shiny new title: either Tarren Mill Terror for the Alliance or Southshore Slayer for the Horde.

What have been your most fondest memories of World of Warcraft? Were you there when the servers first turned on and instantly crashed due to the unexpected turnout? What about the opening of Ah'Qiarji's gates as players poured in from every corner of Azeroth, causing screens to be filled with characters and spontaneous PvP occurring like the good old days.

Let us know your memories of the past, and of course also of the future for the World of Warcraft in the comments below.

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Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:58pm 25/11/14
I remember back when I quit WOW, best day of my life!
Posted 01:01pm 25/11/14
What have been your most fondest memories of World of Warcraft? Were you there when the servers first turned on and instantly crashed due to the unexpected turnout?

Heh dat launch


Was literally unplayable for days yet we tried ><
Posted 01:02pm 25/11/14
It was literally unplayable for a good two weeks, and then there was the loot bug that got your character caught in the animation. I also remember finding out how to fall underneath Stormwind, was so cool seeing un-developed areas.
Posted 01:06pm 25/11/14
Was there during Beta, and on opening day. First game I actually played with my other half. Always had an affection for my Dwarf Rogue and Gnome Warrior twinks. What killed the game for me was running Karazhan (Burning Crusade) for 5 months and never getting a drop for my Warlock.

I'll never go back because it won't be the same.
Posted 01:52pm 25/11/14
Was grinding the 'Conqueror' title in Warsong Gulch at around v2.3 with my Warlock and stole the flag back from 4 healers, 2 of which were trees. Banishing was a saver. I'm sure they hated me with a passion because of banishing, howl of terror, fear, death coil and puppy silence. Couldn't believe I killed all 4, haha.
Posted 01:56pm 25/11/14
Funny that world pvp is a subject for their celebration. I actually think some of my best memories of WoW were playing Alliance back in Wrath on the Horde dominated pvp server Thaurissian. Was some epic Wintergrasps there back before Alliance completely died.
Posted 02:13pm 25/11/14
rickah, they hated you because for most of the tail of bc warlocks were considered raid bosses
Posted 02:24pm 25/11/14
It was literally unplayable for a good two weeks

Nah, I played the s*** out of it those first couple weeks in between servers barfing everywhere. First few days were a complete write-off though.

Literally unplayable means unable to play. That's what literal means.

Memories: landing in Ashenvale and seeing the first dwarves. This one guy who had made the journey just stood there and like 20 elves stood around gawking at him. Was kind of awesome :)
Posted 02:24pm 25/11/14
Guess my side of things made it unplayable because all I remember was server crashes, and if I did happen to actually log on I'd bug out and have to kill the client. I exaggerated though, wasn't exactly two weeks rather a good few days.
Posted 02:26pm 25/11/14
S*** yeh it was completely boned for a few days. Literally unavailable, esp. realms like Blackrock and Proudmoore.

That only got worse too in some ways as population increased. Felt like Proudmoore was offline more than it was up. Also if you played nights you had a huge problem, so much maintenance. I'd taken some times off work IIRC so got in some game time during the day.
Posted 02:56pm 25/11/14
Alterac Valley. My gear sucked and I would die a lot but AV was pretty good game play. Before the battle group thing, Horde on Firetree would own AV most of the time. It was one of my most enjoyable experiences in WoW. I wish someone would have just cloned the AV and put it into a stand alone game. Summoning Lok was cool and collecting wolf pelts and things, It was a good mixture of PvP and some PvE.

Barrens Chat.

killing turtles in 1000 needles and getting ganked by Alliance. Also PvPing around the area below 1K needles, in that Goblin town.

I remember seeing this night elf on a bugged eagle thingey. came into Orgimaar and was floating along the ground for lulz.

Farming those human guys in EPL and getting ganked.
Posted 05:10pm 25/11/14
The first time getting to Darkshore was pretty sweet being my first toon. AV for the first time was also pretty awesome.
climbing the mountain above Ironforge was always a laugh, and yeah the deep blue nothingness under Stormwind haha.
Posted 10:02pm 25/11/14
Also PvPing around the area below 1K needles, in that Goblin town.

Gadgetzan, yeah, I got ganked pretty mercilessly while levelling my mage through there. Dirty rogues who'd come out of stealth and shank me and vanish before guards could get them. Same in booty bay too!

STV was a brutal zone to level through on a pvp server, gank central.

Remember no raid-wide buffs, or even for that matter originally, no group wide buffs. Having to go through and individually buff amp/dampen magic on every person in a raid was always fun. As was having to turn up to MC half an hour beforehand to summon enough food and drink for the whole raid, especially fun when max level food/drink summoned only 2 at a time.

Gaming the 5 second rule as a healer to try and get a bit of mana regen, and wanding things to wait for mana regen. Putting stopcasting macros on all your big heals so you could precast them then cancel them if you didn't want them to go off. And healer rotations!
Posted 11:47pm 25/11/14
Spent more hours in this game than most other games I have played.

I have fewer memorable moments in WOW than a bunch of other games.

Quake, Everquest, Bard's tale (1 and 2 ... not so much 3), Planescape, Neverwinter Nights, various Sierra Quests (Kings, Police, Larry ... I am not a pervert), xwing vs tie fighter, descent 1 and 2, KOTOR, Ultima Underworld!, Doom and Doom 2 (there was no Doom 1), AOE2, Warcraft2 (KALI!!!), i76, Myst, Mech Warrior 2 (*cry*), Baldur's Gate, C&C, CoH 1 and 2..... WING COMMANDER OMFG!!!! ... Year sure Stracraft (it sucks but Koreans and communists love it)

WoW is a clever commercialisation, that disrespects the original franchise. An RTRS that became a grind mmog (long live Kali!!!! ... IPX over IP)
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:55am 26/11/14
Tanaka got me into this game, so it's all his fault. Back in December of 2005. I remember when WoW first came out and I was like, "f*** that. I'm not paying money to play a game online." I was used to playing Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, Battlefield 2. Why should I pay a monthly fee to play a game.

So I decided to sign up. I had no f*****g idea of realms but I knew I didn't want to play PVP straight away because I'd prolly get my ass kicked. So I signed up and by some miracle I joined Eldre Thalas. It was a PVE server. I made a Night Elf hunter. It didn't even have anything to do with being a hunter, it was the music in the zone. I remember logging in and almost coming in my pants. Seeing people running around, handing in quests, lvling. I remember getting to Dolonaar and trying to buy some grey armor from a vendor and thinking how the f*** can I afford this?

Once I got to Dark Shore, some guy took my under his wing and helped me with a bunch of quests. I had no f*****g idea where I was going. Somehow I made it down to Ashenvale and it all made sense, Sort of...
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:08am 26/11/14
Back in the day I think the best places to start were Undead, Night Elves, Human, Gnome and Dwarf.
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