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Post by Eorl @ 10:42am 25/11/14 | 5 Comments
According to this Ars Technica report, Activision is using DMCA takedowns on YouTube videos that tell players how to use glitches and exploits in its latest Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Over the weekend video network Machinima sent out a tweet warning other YouTube video makers that Activision was cracking down on videos that highlighted possible ways to cheat in Advanced Warfare:According to a subsequent and expanded statement from Machinima, the video network has warned partners about the perils of posting Call of Duty videos:

"Recently Machinima notified its network partners that posting content about Call of Duty videos may receive a strike if flagged by Activision," the statement obtained by Ars Technica reads. "Machinima was prompted to take this action in order to inform its network partners so that they would remain in good standing on YouTube. When a channel receives a certain number of strikes it is possible that they may be blocked as a YouTube partner. Machinima's actions are to protect not only its network partners, but its publisher partners as well."

The Ars report goes on to note that Activision seems to be being selective in which videos its put CONTENTID strikes against videos showing glitches that are neutral or positive in tone are seemingly getting a free pass.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:27pm 25/11/14
Pathetic. Must be hurting over probable lower than expected sales.

Being selective over which videos are ok to have on YouTube, shows what a farce activision is.
Posted 01:51pm 25/11/14
Haha and I thought Halo was having dramas in it's multiplayer. It's pretty common knowledge these days that CoD has a lot of modders and cheaters.
Posted 04:12pm 25/11/14
Yup, sales must definitely be worse than they were expecting. Being tools like this isn't exactly going to win them additional fans, though.
Posted 06:47pm 25/11/14
Some of these glitches in Advanced Warfare are strange it's almost as if they forgot to turn off noclip, weird things happen in games all the time like people falling out of the sky in Far Cry 2 or the Submarine not surfacing in Pandora Tomorrow or falling through the walls in Quake.

Perhaps the guys at Activision put so much work into the game only to have it ridiculed by the inter tube their feeling a little butt hurt and have gone down the back to eat worms.
Posted 09:36pm 27/11/14
so you're not allowed to show videos of a broken, obviously unfinished game? f*****g lol. cry more slacktivision. maybe you should finish your games before releasing them then eh ?
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