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Post by Eorl @ 09:24am 25/11/14 | 6 Comments
If you didn't think Batman could get anymore badass, a new gameplay video from developer Rocksteady (via GameInformer) for Batman: Arkham Knight shows us just how he achieves that, and boy does it look amazing.

Today's video marks the first of three from publisher Warner Bros., showing the caped superhero rescuing workers from a chemical plant. With the help of his awesome tank Tumbler, Batman seems to have it pretty down pat on how to take out the bad guys with a nice dose of fist-to-face that gives that a satisfying crunch on impact.

Of course it isn't just Batman being shown off, we also get a glimpse at Rocksteady's approach to designing Arkham Knight's world around the ability to actually drive in your Tumbler, a first for the series. Ramps, wider streets, destructible walls that you can drive through and even the choice of jettisoning out of the vehicle to gain that extra boost in gliding are all options when playing Arkham Knight, as seen in the video below.

Batman: Arkham Knight will launch on June 2, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:31am 25/11/14

They're reminding everyone that Batman is still coming, but unfortunately this is essentially a stylised presentation of the gameplay we had at E3 this year. I desperately want to see new content: Introduce us more properly to new enemy types, or even a better visual of just hooning though the massive new version of Gotham.

It's still incredible though, and you can perform everything you see in this demo, cinematic or not, at your will. It's one of the slickest games yet to drop. Rocksteady's development chops are just huge.
Posted 11:37am 25/11/14
I just want to be Batman in the digital world again. LEGO is only doing me so much right now.
Posted 07:00pm 25/11/14
was that john noble talking at the beginning?

the game looks bloody amazing. loved that light fixture take down.
Posted 07:34pm 25/11/14
These batman games always kick ass
Posted 09:11pm 25/11/14
was that john noble talking at the beginning?

Yeah, I thought it sounded like him too. Awesome trailer, can't wait!
Posted 09:52pm 26/11/14
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