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Post by Net @ 03:14pm 24/11/14 | 17 Comments
The Alienware Alpha, a PC in a console-sized chassis is now available for purchase in Australia. The Alpha comes in three packages with the cheapest running at AUD$698.99 along with AUD$999.00 and AU$1,299.00 models all running on Windows 8.1 instead of SteamOS and also include a wireless Xbox 360 controller.

Rather than wait for Valve's SteamOS to be ready for consumer use, Alienware has pushed ahead with the launch of its Alpha Console by building an interface that runs on top of Windows 8.1 and is optimised for use with a Game Controller.

Unfortunately the Alienware website does not specify the exact model GPU in each package, but they are rumoured to be the Maxwell-powered NVIDIA GeForce 860M. In addition, no SSD option is offered and only 5400rpm HDDs are used which may result in poor performance such as slow loading times.

While there's sure to be some outrage at the seemingly massive difference in price between USD$549 and AUD$698.99, some quick maths shows at current exchange rates USD$549 converts to AUD$632.56, and adding on 10% GST results in AUD$695.82, which is very close to the proposed price and does not account for fluctuating exchange rates.

You can find more information on the Alienware Australia website.

alienwarealphaaustralian prices

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Posted 04:01pm 24/11/14
You can upgrade the CPU and Ram yourself without effecting the warranty to ^.<
Posted 04:04pm 24/11/14
How is that GPU? If it's OK, that price point is pretty good for a huge amount of Steam back-catalogue. Maybe you won't be playing Far Cry 4 but at $700 with a huge amount of $5 games available and more always on the way it's probably not bad for a certain chunk of the market as it gets more competitive against consoles.
Posted 04:21pm 24/11/14
to be honest with you these prices seem reasonable for alienware. but i have been out of the loop lately.
Posted 06:32pm 24/11/14
In addition, no SSD option is offered and only 5400rpm HDDs are used which may result in poor performance such as slow loading times.

so basically on par with xbox and playstation, which I'm guessing is their competition. I doubt they're chasing down the high end PC users.


M's are fail. I had a PC and a laptop of equal spec, but the laptop used the M version of the CPU and card. The difference in performance was staggering.
Posted 06:37pm 24/11/14
Yeah, I have a 640m in my Laptop and it still struggles with some games that even an 8800GT would probably play fine :p
Posted 06:58pm 24/11/14
The 860M is capable enough to play recent games at 1080p at reasonable quality. It would've been a great bonus if they had used the 870M instead from which I've heard great things about.

Also, to use the "desktop mode" you need to have a mouse plugged in.

Unless this is something that's exactly what you're looking for and you're happy with the price, I'd recommend holding off on a purchase since more Steam Machines will be cropping up over the coming months and competition might drive prices down a bit.
Posted 07:05pm 24/11/14
I want to see side by side framerate and image quality tests between these things and xbone / ps4 (because comparing a high end PC with 50 titans and 300 terrabytes of ram is just unfair)
Posted 11:59am 25/11/14
i wonder what the custom UI looks like... and, would it run on a VM?
Posted 03:14pm 25/11/14
Dunno about this, seems kinda exxy for the hardware.

Surely you could build a HTPC with a little extra grunt to do the same job with the funky steamview thing they already have?
Posted 12:25pm 02/12/14
Hey all! Just a shameless plug for my eBay listing for my Alienware Alpha Core i5
I won this at PAXaus and already have a gaming PC that is higher spec'd that I only recently purchased. Hoping to sell & get a PS4 :)
Included is a TactX Keyboard & Mouse and an Alienware 17" Backback.
Posted 06:02pm 02/12/14
youre a f*****g scambug for selling it for $1k when its worth what $700?
Posted 07:46pm 02/12/14
youre a f*****g scambug for selling it for $1k when its worth what $700?

Before you go all rage monster. The US site has it listed for $749 for the
Core i5 here
The AU website is listed at $999 as you can see here.
Also included is about $350rrp of extras that you get for free.

As we are in Australia & it is listed at the AU price. Feel free to buy it from the US if you wish.

ps. Dell's eBay site has the same unit listed for $999 Without any of the extra's I'm throwing in. And they have sold 14 of them.
Posted 10:17pm 02/12/14
greazy had his pitchfork out and everything
Posted 10:18pm 02/12/14
Yeah sorry bud didn't read the op properly. Good on you for not price gouging.
Posted 09:23am 03/12/14
Greazy trying to 360 no-scope me! All good!

I won it at PAX & I have no use for it. If it was the i7 I probably would have kept it. But my BRIX i5 runs better for the games I need on PC.

Just hoping to get some cash & get that PS4 I've never been able to afford lol
Posted 07:01pm 03/12/14
Try $350
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