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Post by Eorl @ 11:57am 22/11/14 | 34 Comments
Eve Online is, at its heart, a sandbox. It's a completely open world, and in fact the game often spills out into the real world as players try to work angles between player-created corporations and organizations. To show off that sense of dramatic, player-driven content CCP Games sent out a call for samples of in-game voice chat.

The company received a large number of submissions, and went through the best, or at least most interesting snippets and combined them with work from the team's cinematics department to create a trailer that tries to explain what EVE Online feels like to play.

Check it out below.

eve onlineccp gamessandbox mmo
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:44pm 22/11/14
That was way friggin cool :)

I wish I had the spare time needed to get into this kind of thing. Is the learning curve steep?
Posted 01:51pm 22/11/14
Posted 01:52pm 22/11/14
Looks super fun, but waaaay over my head.
Posted 01:56pm 22/11/14
Man that was sweet.
Posted 02:37pm 22/11/14
hahaha SSM, I guess that answers my question :)
Posted 02:55pm 22/11/14
I love Eve, I just posted this to Zapo on FB.

I played from launch for about 5 years - best f*****g game ever. No other compares to what Eve can give you. Proper mass PvP of thousands of people fighting each other, dying where you actually lose something (ships, items, etc) and a real player driven economy. Scams, piracy and taking advantage of others are part of the game.

One of the best fights I remember is when we war dec'd another corp (guild) as a mercenary contract. We were in their space and they trapped me and another corp mate in station. They had a few battleships, couple of cruisers and a frigate so about 6 people in total. We undocked, saw what they had and redocked.

We looked on the market, bought whatever we could do counter what they had and undocked. We had a cruiser with a max DPS fit and me in a battleship that was setup for jamming and warp scrambling (so they couldn't escape).

They thought they had us, they closed in and bam. The fight lasted about 5 minutes and they couldn't do anything - they sat there unable to lock on us and unable to escape while we shot the s*** out of them :)

Oh and another great fleet fight that lasted about 5 hours. There was about 4-500 people per side and off we went. If you got blown up, you went back and grabbed another ship to join the fleet again. We ended up winning and then came the clean up with people salvaging the wrecks, looting the cargo they dropped, etc. Awesome stuff!

Dammit now I want to play again.

Just watched that video, that's all in game footage too

If there's any of you playing, let me know.. I might fire it up again :)
Posted 04:59pm 22/11/14
Oh man they left out all the fun bits moving yours and other people's assets around. What about station and pos reps? Ihub grinds? Refueling thousands of towers? They've totally left out the good bits!
Posted 05:24pm 22/11/14
That's why you Plex and just go pew pew pew people :)
Posted 06:11pm 22/11/14
I've always wanted to get into EVE properly, and have dabbled in it previously throughout my MMO life but something just keeps stopping me from experiencing that awesome gameplay shown in the trailer. Not sure what it is, but one day I do hope to give EVE a good few months playtime.
Posted 07:52pm 22/11/14
Learning curve isnt bad at all,that graph is from the very early days..

i started in 04 and have played on and off(mostly on) since,the game is a lot more accessible than it was in the early days..
Posted 08:42pm 22/11/14
I have also dabbled in it. Its got some cool ideas but its just a spread sheet with pretty graphics. Dont get me wrong, they have done some cool stuff with it but Its just too spread sheet like for me to really enjoy it.
Posted 10:08pm 22/11/14
but Its just too spread sheet like for me to really enjoy it.
Well not really. No more than WOW or any other MMO is a spreadsheet. Sure if you play the markets and spend your time doing things like R&D its like a spreadsheet otherwise there is very little difference to any other MMO.
but something just keeps stopping me from experiencing that awesome gameplay shown in the trailer.
Time. Its always time with Eve. Everything is measured in time and everything takes time :) I've heard they are adding unlimited skill queues! I once had all my accounts subbed for 2 years and did nothing but log on and set skills for 2 years while I took a break...some kind of stupid tax maybe but boy would I have killed for unlimited skill queues.
Posted 11:34pm 22/11/14
Yeah reckon, I had about 35mil SP back in 2004/2005-ish. If I just kept skill training go it'd be well over 100mil by now :(
Posted 03:00am 23/11/14
looks amazing, !$@@$$@ hate the game play mechanics. God view? seriously? sigh.
Posted 08:41am 23/11/14
That was awesome.
Posted 09:24am 23/11/14
If I didn't know more about Eve this would have me wanting to play it.

But then I remembered I've played this game...
Posted 11:47am 23/11/14
Looks so awesome, I'd love to give it a try. A narrated version of that trailer explaining what is going on sure would be useful though.
Posted 02:15pm 23/11/14
yeah ive never played before and I want to get into it.. can someone give me some good guides and links to useful s*** I should know?
Posted 07:27pm 23/11/14
Join Brave Newbies as a starter corp. They give you access to guides to explain what skills to learn, ships to buy, fitting to use and will teach you PvP skills. They regularly do roams around nullsec space in gangs of 15-20+.

Nullsec space is 0.0 space. Each system has a security system from 0.0 to 1.0. The higher the number, the safer you are with NPC police, gates opening fire on you, etc. While 0.0 is considered the lawless lands since there is nothing out there but you and other players.
Posted 07:43pm 23/11/14
Daily eve sovereignty maps here (generated daily by players using the Eve API's):

Archive here:

People have made time lapses of the archives.

Looks so awesome, I'd love to give it a try. A narrated version of that trailer explaining what is going on sure would be useful though.
@0:18: Stealth bomber squad saying they're going to sit 10km off the target. They're going to uncloak, ambush and warp to their escape bookmark. Bombers are covert (cloaked) ships. They can also fire bombs that travel 30km and detonate a 15km sphere of damage. I've been in bomber fleets that have killed hundreds of ships with bombs fired from just 10-15 bombers. Mad fun when it goes right because you know you've just ruined someone's night. Lots of planning involved to avoid uncloaking each other.

@0:31: Just fleet composition either for an enemy or their allies.

@0:40: The titan (super capital) is going to create a jump portable between 2 systems on a cyno beacon created by a ship in a target system. Once up the sub capitals will jump through the portal to the other system. Triage carriers (capitals) which are carriers fitted to go into triage mode (big repairs) will jump themselves to the beacon as well but not other capitals or super capitals. Only capitals and super capitals have jump drives and can jump between systems without using a star gate (they can't actually use gates). Sub capitals (small ships) have to use gates or jump portals.

@0:52: A fleet member asking if they will be able to take on a fleet with guardian support. I suppose the assumption is that they're going to warp in an attack anyway and all get exploded but maybe win. Pretty common to go suicide attacks in PVP especially if there is an expensive ship on the other side worth more than your whole fleet :) Guardians are a logistics ship that repair armour. They will generally chain with each other to transfer energy to each other and repair each other while also repairing other fleet members. You will often have a fleet commander and a logistics commander in a fleet. I usually like to provide logistics in either logistics ships like Guardians or carriers (usually triage).

@1:02: They're ambushing and attacking a Dominix battleship. Isn't sound very exciting but they make it sound exciting. They could be edgy because they have covert jumped into an enemy system and are killing PVE players trying to mind their own business.

@1:17: Probably a scout telling the fleet to warp to him @0 and turn on their micro warp drives (this will be to increase their traversal speed to make them harder to hit by lasers/cannons/turrets. From there on it just the FC's (Fleet commanders) target calling.

@1:22: They are energy neutralising a revelation capital (dreadnought). By neutralising its capacitor (draining it of power) they are able to cause the ships armour hardeners to shut off so it can be killed quicker. Think of modules as equipment to do damage, improve damage, take more damage, provide increase resistance, etc).

@1:35: A player talking about being chased all over the place by other players (PVP or Pirates) with a lot of valuable equipment in his cargo hold. Pffft...what a pussy try avoiding pirates and Goonswarm in an Orca getting from Period Basis to high sec after your alliance disbands suddenly with your worldly possessions in it.

@1:51: A miner talking about mining and expensive asteroid. Mining is a stable, constant trade. Low income but low risk. In null security mining is lucrative but running combat sites is much better.

@2:00: Someone talking about manufacturing ships and fitting modules. Boring s***. This would be the spreadsheets of Eve. For some people the markets are awesome though.

@2:22: A fleet coming back from a successful operation. The usual cheering and happiness. WD-VTV...yeah my old Ushra'Khan stomping grounds! @2:37 they realise they've warped to a gate surrounded by a warp bubble. This pulls you out of warp and sucks you to it if its within 100Km and line of site of your warp trajectory. Waiting in the warp bubble I think is a bunch of R&K battleships which are fitting with smart bombs. They will all activate and just start nuking everything around them. This has happened to me so many times and its always hilarious. Basically you usually land on grid and immediately every alarm you have goes off and you appear back in your clone at a far away station before you even realised what happened.

A video of this in action.

@2:50: Sub capitals jumping from the titan portal to another system.

@2:55: Random fleet chatter...

@3:00: A newb.

@3:06: Someone who has never seen a titan before let alone one jump in and fire its dooms day.

@3:11: Bombers dropping bombs on a fleet which is bunched together. Literally the best fun ever.

From then on just exciting music.
Posted 01:13am 24/11/14
makes me wanna give it another go :)
Posted 02:37am 24/11/14
One of the greatest battles of all time:
A single missed payment sparked off what would become the most expensive battle in EVE Online history. One pilot’s action (or inaction) had repercussions for the entire universe—a butterfly wing causing a massive typhoon of destruction. The Economic Impact 11 TRILLION ISK. According to some PLEX conversions that could equate to approximately $300,000-$330,000 USD.

When the dust finally settled and daily server maintenance downtime ended the conflict, all involved were shocked at the devastation.


This is too rich for my blood,these guys don't Millennium Falcon that's for sure.
Posted 07:26am 24/11/14
Nerds screaming into their crappy microphones does surprisingly little to inspire me to play this game.
Posted 07:48am 24/11/14
Nerds screaming into their crappy microphones does surprisingly little to inspire me to play this game.

Posted 11:12am 24/11/14
Looks so awesome, I'd love to give it a try. A narrated version of that trailer explaining what is going on sure would be useful though.

The narrated version would explain "This is content you'll only get to after having been able to find the time to dedicate six hours per day for at least a year to get the income required to own this technology.

In the next scene, 20 players are about to lose three months worth of work in the span of about eight seconds, with no prior warning.
Posted 10:57pm 24/11/14
What a superb trailer, kudos to CCP.

I only wish I had the spare lifetime to put into EVE which is needed to get the most out of it.

The above graphic is hilarious but true also!
Posted 08:53pm 25/11/14
^ 500 people an hour are creating accounts on EVE online due to this video.

That's pretty impressive takeup.

One of the mates sold one of his Eve accounts a while back for just over $10k AUD and a 2nd for half that about 6 months later.
Posted 10:14pm 25/11/14
Looks well awesome! Cool vid.

Wish I had the time for something like this. I'm barely getting through top-rated games though, generally a few years after their release.
Posted 10:20pm 25/11/14
Eve takes commitment.
Had a few mates over the years play it.

They seemed to enjoy it, but have never asked why they stopped playing. They didn't seem to burn out like people in other games.
Posted 10:20pm 25/11/14
Eve takes commitment.
Had a few mates over the years play it.

They seemed to enjoy it, but have never asked why they stopped playing. They didn't seem to burn out like people in other games.
Posted 01:59am 26/11/14
Damn gave me goosebumps.

The only mmo where even the smallest of things can have a huge impact.
Posted 07:50pm 26/11/14
What TIcMan said, if you wanted to get into EVE or just tinker with it, what he suggest is the best way, Brave Newbies will most importantly teach you how to have fun in the game. If you play the game wrong it becomes a job, if you play it right it becomes one of the best games you will ever play.

It's not complex either, the secret to EVE is to die lots and love every moment of it.
Posted 11:56pm 26/11/14
The biggest barrier to entry on Eve is you at the end of the day. If you do nothing you will get nothing. If you do a lot you will get a lot. Because just about everything worth doing in the game is player generated content if you want to have fun you need to interact with other players. That means joining corps or alliances.
Posted 12:02am 28/11/14
I reactivated my account this evening, I had to do the noob missions again because I can't remember s***, I was really into it about a year ago got a nice big mining barge and a few cruisers.

Might go into a more combat role this time, although mining is good when you are studying for uni lol

CCP also removed the 24 hour limit on skill queue so the new limits are 50 skills or 10 years lol 10 years of skill research holy f***
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