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Post by Eorl @ 11:14am 20/11/14 | 14 Comments
Those playing Far Cry 4 on PC and experiencing field of view issues (FOV) have inadvertently revealed that they have "accidentally" pirated Ubisoft's open-world game, according to director Alex Hutchinson who states that legitimate copies have none of those issues.The anti-piracy measure has caused a lot of complaints from users online, who have quite obviously sourced it from non-legitimate means. Such a system to combat piracy isn't exactly new either, with a number of high-profile games utilising game-breaking mechanics to prevent pirates from enjoying the game for free.

"I played it a bit, but couldn't bear the fov," one Reddit user moaned. "Even tried going into config files and ini files, didn't find any fov commands."

While it is definitely a nice triumphant against PC piracy, it most likely won't stop pirates gaining access to the game. As eski points out in the comments below, the only reason there is no FOV slider is because it wasn't in the base game, which Ubisoft are hoping is the only version pirates download. Of course that most likely won't be the case for long as it has become quite common for pirates to have access to the latest patches even without connecting to the Internet.

For more on Far Cry 4 make sure you check out AusGamers' review to see our thoughts on Ubisoft next iteration of open-world action.

far cry 4field of viewpiratespc
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:46pm 20/11/14
Its funny that they're actually trumpeting their own incompetence, which has nothing to do with some clever anti pirate measure. The only reason that he could say that is because FOV settings weren't in version 1.0 of the game and he assumes that pirates won't be using anything bar that version.

The whole statement is bulls*** anyway. He might as well be saying that if you're complaining about lack of FOV control then you're a pirate using an old version, or someone that bought a physical copy and doesnt have internet access to update past version 1.0.

It's ultimately a case of another dev/pub pushing unfinished products out the door and patching them post-launch, which has become a rather egregious trend this year thanks in no small part to Ubisoft.
Posted 12:57pm 20/11/14
More than likely you'll see an updated pirate version with the new update. I don't think online-delivered updates have ever been kept solely to those with legitimate copies.
Posted 05:43pm 20/11/14
When I read this, I just feel annoyed at all the pirating scum. Fair enough for kids and teenagers, it's hard to buy games if you don't have much cash and Mum or Dad might be a tight arse. How are you going to police such a thing anyways?

But for anyone of working age, pirating games, just gives me the s****. The biggest laugh is when pirates complain about a product, like their opinion mattered on a game they didn't even pay for. If I still pirated stuff, I would at least have the moral decency to stay quiet and not go on twitter and tell the developer some nonsense like I was a paying customer.
With games available from online retail or cdkey for much cheaper than Australian retail, there shouldn't be any reason someone has to pirate a game...pretty shameful.
Posted 06:12pm 20/11/14
But for anyone of working age, pirating games, just gives me the s****. The biggest laugh is when pirates complain about a product, like their opinion mattered on a game they didn't even pay for.
Nope, your wrong.

If game publishers gave us more demos, less unfinished s*** that we pay premiums for, we might buy games more.

Instead we are now paying $100 for beta versions of games.

I hope the pirates win and every game dev goes bankrupt. Maybe then they'll take a step back and go ok, maybe our always online DRM is annoying, maybe we should release finished games instead of broken s***, maybe we should release playable demos again to give people a taste.

But they won't, because of s***k***s who preorder who MUST have the game on day 1 for e-penis++;
Posted 06:46pm 20/11/14
That whole comment would be fine if only unfinished s***** games with always online DRM were pirated..
but that's not the case, and that whole comment is pretty f***** stupid.
Posted 07:22pm 20/11/14
Case in point Dragon Age: Inquisition. At the moment I'm still on the fence for buying it.
1. It's Origin, and that sucks.

2. Pretty hefty Aus Tax.

3. The PC controls for Mouse/Keyboard are pretty balls for a variety or reasons. There is reporting of crashing and general poor performance. This may or may not be due to the Denuvo DRM.

4. I don't want to buy it only for it to perform like crap, I'd very much like to play a demo version that is the first 30mins to 1 hour of the game, after all it is a large game. That way I can test it out for myself. Perhaps I find the controls manageable, perhaps it runs sweet on my system. Perhaps the DRM adversely harm SSD drives (that's probably a bogus rumour to be honest).

Really though, the biggest factor for me is the Aus Tax is just too high to take a risk on the game as is. I won't buy it until there are patches brought out that fix all the issues PC players are having AND the price drops to reasonable levels.

What I do find interesting is if/how much this Denuvo DRM which apparently constantly decrypts/encrypts the .exe file has on game performance. When the Pirates crack it, that should show if the DRM is a cause of poor performance or not..
Posted 08:16pm 20/11/14
I must be missing something here all this whaa whaa whaa about not releasing demos, i thought getting to play a beta was the new black,and any way if you really want a demo gaming magazines will usually suffice,in fact i saw a a demo for my little pony just the other day so there you go, now you can dry you're eye's.

And as far as DRM goes i think the industry learn' t a valuable lesson from UBI Soft when they included the universally hated Star Force in Chaos Theory which lead to Uplay i guess,any whoo i did see that according to the game companies 97 % of all their games are pirated.

Personally i would take that with a grain of salt, making Call of Duty costs in the millions if you new you were only going to get back 3% in sales why would you make a game in the first place?
Posted 08:19pm 20/11/14
"97% of their games are pirated"

That statement means that even if 97 of 100 games had 1 copy of each game pirated then, 97% of their games are pirated.

DA:I didn't have a playable beta. It is a game that can be played whilst most of it is downloaded the background, therefor there is no technical reason why it can't have a demo as it has that capability.

I bet there is some statistics that went around that said something like '70% of gamers only play on average 5 hours of any particular game' Therefor if you have a demo that lasts 5 hours of a 100 hour game, 70% of people won't buy after playing the demo.

last edited by Tollaz0r! at 20:19:22 20/Nov/14
Posted 08:19pm 20/11/14
I would buy Far Cry 4 but I am just not that interested in it to justify the purchase. Same with Inquisition, If it was Origins heavy RPG style, I would have been all over it like a rash.

Also the 1.4 patch is out for the pirate copy.
Posted 08:21pm 20/11/14
The 'poor gunplay' for a FPS game is what has put Far Cry 4 into the NO SALE category for me, maybe when a steam sale comes along.
Posted 01:09am 21/11/14
Posted 07:24am 21/11/14
Toll you can quite easily find DA:I on the cheap through either JB or D*** Smith for retail, or better yet go through Origin Mexico for it to come out at like $50. However, in saying that I do agree a demo would be nice, just purely to test out performance and know that the game I'm buying is actually usable. On the other hand, Origin now offers refunds for first 48 hours, so there is that.
Posted 09:32am 21/11/14
Toll you can quite easily find DA:I on the cheap through either JB or D*** Smith for retail, or better yet go through Origin Mexico for it to come out at like $50.

that's exactly what I did.
Posted 09:49am 21/11/14
eski: most games in the history of gaming ( from atari 2600 onwards) havent really released in a "finished state", its just this is the first time in history theyve been able to fix it post launch.
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