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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:01pm 17/11/14 | 15 Comments
Joaby has been living large and in charge (except against Honey Badgers) in the world of Far Cry 4 for review purposes for the past little while, and has some words about Ubisoft's latest open-world romp.

Far Cry 4 is all about those hilarious moments when you've planned everything perfectly only to watch it get ruined by the surprise arrival of the Royal Army, of a rhinoceros or a bear. Reacting to the world -- and it reacting to you -- is what makes Far Cry 4 so much fun to experience.
Click here for Joaby's full Far Cry 4 review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:06pm 17/11/14
the coolest thing about this game is being able to finish it in less than 15mins.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:14pm 17/11/14
Yeah I read about that the other day - such a cool idea. I love when devs think of interesting things like that. I remember the Achievement you got in the first The Darkness for sitting with your GF on the couch for more than 10-minutes. Rad.

Games need more of this type of thing.
Posted 02:26pm 17/11/14
It's a damn shame to hear they didn't find ways to make the campaign more compelling. Also, unskippable cutscenes are bad.
Posted 03:21pm 17/11/14
I have a problem in FC3 in where I can't actually see the baddies that I'm shooting at unless I put the orange tag over their head. The massive clutter around scopes doesn't help.

Is that still an issue in FC4? I don't think I've ever played a game where the enemy was so hard to see before.
Posted 03:53pm 17/11/14
Unskippable cut-scenes is a huge mistake for any game maker to make, let alone a AAA title.

Posted 05:45pm 17/11/14
I played FC3 again recently and that had unskippable cutscenes as well. It only really bothered me on the last mission and even then it was tolerable. I don't see it as a deal breaker but devs need to take note of this. Navi's unskippable bulls*** in OoT made that game less joyful to replay.
Posted 06:33pm 17/11/14
For an FPS, to read that a con is gunplay? Wow this turns me off. Waiting for bargain bin. And the cut scenes being unskippable in far cry 3 drove me insane, will be the same for this im sure
Posted 07:01am 18/11/14
I wonder how it runs on PC. Ubi aren't having a good run with their PC optimisation lately.

Also, does it have the normal Ubi formula of finding a high place and then revealing the surrounding area?
Posted 08:39am 18/11/14
Yeh it has the towers
Posted 09:03am 18/11/14
I remember complaining about non-skippable cut scenes in the 80s. I cannot believe they are still a thing. Unbelievable.
Posted 12:15pm 18/11/14
yeh, incredible!!!!1 idk, its like they want us to pay attention to the hours they spent on the story! JERKS!
Posted 12:20pm 18/11/14

yeh, incredible!!!!1 idk, its like they want us to pay attention to the hours they spent on the story! JERKS!

Yeah, nothing like watching that cut scene for the 3rd time because you wanted to replay a mission part...

Posted 12:46pm 18/11/14
S***, those are some major cons. I can handle unskippable cutscenes when you watch them once but watching them over and over cause of respawn or something sucks.
Posted 06:24pm 18/11/14
unskippable cut scenes aside, does it let you skip uplay yet? hahahalolololorofl

I like games that force you to watch the cut scenes the first time around, the devs spent months / years on this s***, you better f*****g enjoy it. But every subsequent playthrough gives you the option to skip the movies.

lol @ buy game, skip all cut scenes, speed run through areas, end with complaints "it's too short".
Posted 08:06pm 18/11/14
I'll enjoy the game the way i enjoy it, not the way the devs think i will.
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