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Post by Eorl @ 11:30am 14/11/14 | 9 Comments
One of the most anticipated elements of the Grand Theft Auto Online experience is teaming up for heists with friends. It's a feature that's been promised since the beginning, but a year later hasn't made its way into the game.

Today, Rockstar says that Heists are coming, and we likely won't have too long to wait. "We know you’re all excited for more Updates to come and we’ve got some really exciting stuff in the works to continue adding to, expanding and evolving the world of Grand Theft Auto Online – including the highly anticipated launch of Online Heists which will be available for all four consoles as the first GTA Online Update to happen after the game launches on PS4 and Xbox One," the company writes. "We’ll have some details on that very soon as well."

Rockstar has been updating the GTA Online experience with new time-limited events, Rockstar-certified jobs, clothing, and mission types. Online heists will bring the experience a big step closer to meeting fan expectations.

Grand Theft Auto V will be out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 18th. It will also be available for PC early next year.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:44am 14/11/14
Wow finally. Guess I should download the next gen version now as well.
Posted 01:34pm 14/11/14
Well I guess with the new versions the timing works...
Posted 01:50pm 14/11/14
I'll be to busy riding elephants in Far Cry 4 to play this at release.
Posted 01:58pm 14/11/14
Yeah I'll probably be busy with Le Age Le Dragones, but still something tells me I'm going to get it
Posted 08:28pm 14/11/14
I got my PS4 version ordered. Ill be watching Trevor do crazy stuff and looking much better while doing it.
Posted 04:09pm 16/11/14
Thankfully, I've got a few more months to wait.

Gives me time to play everything else, then get lost in GTA
Posted 08:42pm 17/11/14
My local Eb is not doing a midnight release so Ill have to wait til 8am to get it.
Posted 09:20pm 17/11/14
There is a lot of guys on Twitch streaming it so it must be out in other countries already.
Posted 11:13am 18/11/14
Man, I really want to stream my comically bad gaming but ADSL is SO F*****G BAD.

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