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Post by Eorl @ 11:00am 14/11/14 | 14 Comments
Visceral Games' upcoming addition to the Battlefield franchise hasn't exactly had the best track record when it comes to public attention. Luckily, AusGamers had a chance to check out the single-player of Hardline to find out what to expect on your solo journey, and it definitely surprised us.

One of the major complaints outside of expected bugs and crashes during the game's early beta was that the world never really felt "right" with the cops vs robbers style of play.

Our own Nathan "nachosjustic" Lawrence was given the opportunity to go undercover and scope out just what to expect from the game's very explosive single-player action. While it may not be the typical Battlefield experience we've come to love over the years, it definitely shows that the franchise is still able to produce a unique take on the shooter genre.
From what I experienced, vehicles and epic explosions take a back seat to satisfying gunplay and memorable characterisation. It’s a different take on what has been experienced in the Battlefield franchise before, but as far as that applies to single-player, that’s a very good thing.
Check out Nathan's full Battlefield: Hardline preview for more on the single-player.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:56pm 14/11/14
Posted 06:28pm 14/11/14
Battlefield 4.1
Posted 08:21pm 14/11/14
I wish they did not make single player campaigns for Battlefield and this.
Posted 08:59pm 14/11/14
Agreed. Do not buy.
Posted 03:16pm 15/11/14
did anyone bother to read the article??? or are u just trolls?
Posted 04:59pm 15/11/14
Who plays battlefield for SP?
Posted 09:25pm 15/11/14
I am never buying another battlefield. Now COD and Battlefield are both ruined. IT'sOVER
Posted 11:03am 16/11/14
Come to Counter Strike, those other games are kiddy-level anyway.
Posted 11:23am 16/11/14
I am never buying another battlefield. Now COD and Battlefield are both ruined. IT'sOVER

Cheer up bud UT isn't far off.
Posted 12:11pm 16/11/14
Posted 10:28pm 19/11/14
Sorry about the late reply, y'all, my comments weren't showing up in the main feature. For those that played the Hardline beta, I fully agree with the criticisms that it felt like a mod for Battlefield 4. What I played at multiplayer was much closer to fulfilling the cop fantasy that Visceral has been talking about, and my experience with the solo stuff definitely highlighted that.

I dug the solo experiences for Bad Company and Bad Company 2 (even if I couldn't finish the second game because of some weird bug), and the lighter tone of those campaigns is part of Hardline. It still has dramatic moments and what not, but it was infinitely more entertaining than the seriousness of Battlefield 3 and 4 (both of those campaigns sucked, in my opinion).

Ultimately, for me, I think that Visceral has shown it knows how to tell a story with its previous games, which is what made me curious about Hardline's solo outing. After playing a couple of sections of it last week, I'm actually really interested to experience the full story.
Posted 01:07am 20/11/14
How many minutes of the SP storey did you play?
Posted 01:31am 20/11/14
still going to wait for it to get uber cheap in a steam sale
Posted 01:09pm 20/11/14
Audi, it was slated as a 90-minute demo, but I knocked it over in just over an hour. So that was, as far as I could tell, the entirety of the prologue, and a snipped version (EA's words) of mission nine. I dabbled in a bit of stealth, but also played most of the 9th mission with a run-and-gun approach. There were other people there who used the full 90 minutes, and I think this was due to them taking the stealthier approaches, which definitely takes longer.

Long story short: if you play run-and-gun, you'll knock it over a lot faster than a full stealthy approach.
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