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Post by Eorl @ 09:19am 13/11/14 | 35 Comments
Blizzard's fifth expansion for the ever-popular MMO World of Warcraft is right around the corner, and to help celebrate the impending Iron Horde invasion Blizzard has unleashed a new launch trailer.

Players will be stepping through the Dark Portal beginning 7:00PM AEDT, though this time not into the Outlands but instead Draenor, land of the Orcs. Alongside the cap level being increased to 100, Draenor will bring a swathe of new dungeons, raids, tier armour and of course brand-new areas to level. Garrisons are also making their debut in Draenor, allowing players to customise and bring their own touch of Iron Horde to the lands.
"It is the era of an Old Horde, forged with steel rather than fel blood. A union of great orc clans, the Iron Horde, tramples the planet Draenor beneath terrifying war machines. Azeroth falls next. Worlds uncounted will follow. You must mount a desperate charge on Draenor – savage home of orcs and adopted bastion of stoic draenei – at this pivotal moment. Your allies are legends from across time; your fortress a foothold in an alien land. Lead the armies of one world against another…before the future itself is unmade."
Players are already reporting some servers to be offline due to the influx of players, however for the most part things seem to be going smoothly for pre-launch. For more on Warlords of Draenor check out the launch trailer below, or swing by the official features post for all the info.

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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:30am 13/11/14
Huh? I didn't think it came online until about 7pm tonite. Gonna have to jump on now and check it out. lol
Posted 09:33am 13/11/14
Yeah it hasn't started yet
Posted 09:34am 13/11/14
Heh, may have jumped the gun there. Fixed it up now to reflect 6pm (7pm AEDT) launch.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:37am 13/11/14
You silly sausage Eorl
Posted 09:41am 13/11/14
I'm keen as a sausage that's for sure. I didn't really play much of the beta to avoid spoilers, so quite hyped to see Draenor.
Posted 09:43am 13/11/14
The new models make the cutscenes look so much better now, that was epic
Posted 09:46am 13/11/14
Weren't they using new models far earlier than the player updated ones? I swear even Lich King had some pretty awesome ones for their cutscenes.
Posted 09:55am 13/11/14
I'll be getting on later to level some toons up. I left my raiding guild though because they were getting too anal. I'm just going back to playing WoW as a casual.
Posted 10:02am 13/11/14
Yeah, they've been using higher quality models for certain key characters from as far back as WotLK, and with each proceeding expansion, more story characters were given a facelift. Animations also have massively improved over the years, as shown by this trailer. If you've watch the documentary that came out recently you'll also know why. From what I understood, they held some in-game movie making contest yeeears back and one particular group won (forgot names), and impressed Blizzard so much that in the end they were asked to come on-board and start making those kind of in-game cinematics full time, and as the technology advanced, so did the resources they had available to them.

Haven't been this pumped for an expansion for yeeears. Watched all the Lords of War short video clips and read this short novel on the moments after Garrosh's escape and how he approached Grommash in the alternate universe.

If anyone has the time and interested in the story, I highly recommend, both can be found here:
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:55am 13/11/14
Looks like the European servers are crashing all over the place. I'm glad our launch is 8 hours behind theirs so maybe Blizz will have all the kinks fixed by then.
Posted 11:06am 13/11/14
They wont, launch night is always a bit of a clusterf***, but thats half the fun :p
Posted 11:43am 13/11/14
Should I roll Paladin? I loved tanking and healing back in the day, and I'm not sure what to boost to 90...
Posted 11:50am 13/11/14
Paladins are pretty strong tank healers, I dunno how they are for tanking, but they were good in MoP and I doubt anything major changed to hurt that. Ret Paladins at the moment are beastly too
Posted 11:51am 13/11/14
Pally it is. I haven't played a Taruen since Vanilla haha.
Posted 01:28pm 13/11/14
Woot all keyed up

CE mount is one of the better more-money-than-sense rewards they've had too

Posted 03:33pm 13/11/14
Frostmourne currently has a queue of 700+

Estimated wait is only 10 minutes, queue is moving quickly.
Posted 04:01pm 13/11/14
That'll be well into the thousands by tonight. Will be even more fun if/when servers fall over and everyone is trying to log back in at once!
Posted 05:40pm 13/11/14
Yeah, 3500+ now haha.
Posted 06:04pm 13/11/14
hahah frostmourne
Posted 06:29pm 13/11/14
Well, this escalated quickly...


Posted 06:55pm 13/11/14
Frostmourne has pooped itself.
Posted 07:04pm 13/11/14
I've been in the queue for Nagrand for like 45 mins, I'm in the 400 bracket but so things are looking up
Posted 08:19pm 13/11/14
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:00pm 13/11/14
Hmm. Starting to regret moving my toons to an oceanic server. 45 minutes to get in is bulls***. Think I'll pay to move them back to where they were and be able to log in straight away. I've put up with 180 ping for almost 10 years so I can live with that.
Posted 10:13pm 13/11/14
Its only 45 minutes to get in cos its launch day of a new xpac, that'll drop off quickly.

Saurfang popped and now the world server for draenor is down and keeps crashing as everyone tries to zone through the portal back to it. People who are in their garrisons are stuck in their garrisons and can't get out hehe.

Did the first dungeon though, the Bloodmaul Slag mines, and that was pretty fun!
Posted 10:16pm 13/11/14
Yeah I'm stuck in Frostfire without any way to progress thanks to the quest phasing being atrocious, or lack thereof. Making a quest item intractable with everyone else around you is the worst idea possible.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:04am 14/11/14
I've just built my garrison up. Hopefully I don't get the same problem as you Eorl since i'm in that area.
Posted 12:07am 14/11/14
Saurfang still down, can't get into draenor :(
Posted 12:26am 14/11/14
i couldnt do the garrison because of the PEOPLE around the quest, so instead i just ran into the wilderness and did other quests. seems ok.
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:33am 14/11/14
I got booted back to the Shrine after heading out to do a quest. Looked like everyone else did too because there were players everywhere around the innkeeper. I think I'll wait until tomorrow nite and see how it's going then.
Posted 12:40am 14/11/14
Spent 2 hours collecting a Missive only to have to click on a rock for 45 minutes, only to have to progress to fight over more clicky things and between those quests I had to wait for trash to spawn to complete quests.

I'm going to wait a week.
Posted 07:35am 14/11/14
Yeah I logged off last night after not being able to get any trees nor the ogre things. It is a tad annoying cause blizzard has this amazing phasing tech but decided to create some really silly questing mechanics.
Posted 11:18am 14/11/14
Yeh its strange that they removed a lot of quest contention but seem to have left it in for a few points.

If its a design decision to keep players competing a little bit I think its a poor one personally =\
Posted 12:10pm 14/11/14
Barthilas finally has a queue. Wow.
Posted 02:58pm 14/11/14

A lot of servers will have queues, they've reduced population limits to try and ease load. Also, DDOS

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