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EB Games Australia has sent word that their official launch party for the long-awaited release of the Halo: Master Chief Collection, the compilation of all the Halo games and their multiplayer modes, will be held at the EB Penrith in Sydney.

EB Penrith will play host to the Official Australian launch of Halo: Master Chief Collection. The celebrations and activities for the night will kick off from 11:00PM on Monday November 10, in the lead up to the game’s release at 12:01AM on Tuesday November 11.

The countdown until midnight will fly faster than a Scattershot, with a gaming lounge and 22-metre laser shooting gallery. To prepare for a huge night of gaming ahead, Spartans can recharge with themed nitrogen gelato and hot dogs, and finally top off the celebration with freebies.

In addition to the Official Australian Launch at EB Penrith, EB Games will be hosting an additional four major launches across Australia with special launch activities:
  • EB Carindale, QLD
  • EB Robina, QLD
  • EB Fountain Gate, VIC
  • EB Joondalup, WA (Breakfast launch)
  • “Our customers have been anxiously awaiting to get their hands on more of the Halo franchise and we’re stoked to be able to deliver right on midnight,” said National Brands, Events and Engagement Manager Debra McGrath. “This is the chance for new fans to fall in love with Master Chief’s story and for veterans to relive the glory all over again.”

    Happen to miss our review? Check it out over here to hear our thoughts on the game and what we thought of this goliath revival.

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    penrith? no f*****g way. 1.5 hrs drive from here :/ plus its full of westies :(
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