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Post by Eorl @ 11:48am 08/11/14 | 11 Comments
After reporting yesterday that Ubisoft's upcoming big three hitters - Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4 and The Crew - went missing on Valve's Steam service, it seems the publisher has hit ctrl Z with the three titles now back in their digital positions.

It isn't clear why exactly Ubisoft removed the titles early yesterday morning, or in fact why they returned as well, but those wanting to keep their background processes to a minimum will be happy about the decision.

All three are available at a price point of $74.95, and previous purchases should still be intact.

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Posted 12:19pm 08/11/14
I can't get FC4 when i click on it, it disappears and i thought the release date was the 18/November mumble fc rhubarb no one tells me anything.

grrrrrrrrrrr when i check back its available, those tricksy steam boffins are playing with me.
Posted 12:21pm 08/11/14
A far cry 4 uplay key is about $45 AUD.
Posted 02:24pm 08/11/14
but those wanting to keep their background processes to a minimum will be happy about the decision.





At least for FC 3, even bought on steam it still requires uplay, so unless that's changed....f u ubiscrote.
Posted 02:53pm 08/11/14
ctd which site. Greenman gaming and Ozgameshop are $50.
Posted 03:05pm 08/11/14
I'm keen for farcry4 but I already uninstalled uplay when I was done with FC3, besides I don't want to go pre purchase for top dolla then get launch bugs.
It would be nice if ALL pre purchase games gave u a nice demo to play you know like the ones that used to be free..
Posted 03:44pm 08/11/14
Actually 48AUD (41USD).

$41 USD on g2a (not sure if price is accurate)

just found this though.
$48 USD
I guess GMG is more reliable so up to you

Posted 07:07pm 08/11/14
I'm keen to get it.

But over being burnt on release date.

Might wait and see what the user reviews are like.
Posted 08:23pm 08/11/14
Does their s*** require uplay to install so you can play their titles?
Posted 09:19pm 08/11/14
yep, you need a uplay account.
Posted 10:07pm 08/11/14
which is why I laughed at Erol's "keeping background processes to a minimum" thing.

I can't wait for the day every individual game company has their own account login requirement, but still allows sales on steam. We're going to end up needing 128GB of RAM just for all the login clients.

'tis a great time to be a console peasant.
Posted 11:32pm 08/11/14
'tis a great time to be a console peasant.

Yes it has it's benefits, I have a bucketload of unplayed games on my PC but I just find myself playing Blizzard games in between my studies and during my breaks I stick to the PS4 for the big games.
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