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Post by Eorl @ 09:36am 05/11/14 | 12 Comments
Ahead of its November 18th launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Rockstar has unveiled a new gameplay trailer showing off the exclusive first-person mode making its way into the remastered title.

"It’s a very intense, in-your-face experience… literally," GTA V Animation Director Rob Nelson told IGN. "Obviously, we felt like one of the most compelling things you could do to make an experience people have had before feel different was the new first-person mode."

"We’ve always been in interested in it, but it’s never really been an option for us. I don’t think we could’ve put it in the [last-gen version] because we were too busy making the game. We were too busy working on our third-person controls and the missions."

Alongside the confirmed first-person mode, Rockstar also revealed that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version will be running at a locked 30 frames per second with 1080p textures. Not only that, but those wanting that extra beef will be happy to hear that the PC version will be able to offer players up to 4K resolutions and textures.

As mentioned above, Grand Theft Auto V will be making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come November 18th. The PC version is due sometime in early 2015.

grand theft auto vfirst-person moderockstarpcplaystation 4xbox one1080p 30fps

Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:57am 05/11/14
Man, I am going to FPS the s*** out of all the vehicles in this update.

Seriously can't wait to get back into that game-world.
Posted 11:59am 05/11/14
I'm really looking forward to this game, but really scared my PC wont be able to handle it :(
Posted 12:06pm 05/11/14

I wasn't going to get this as I played the s*** out of it on 360 and the improvements weren't really enough for me but I will play the s*** out of this in FPS mode holyf***jizzinmypants
Posted 12:18pm 05/11/14
Wow, im so glad i didnt play this on the old consoles. I always prefered to drive and fly in first person with previous GTAs.

Hopefully the PC version can have the FOV adjusted.
Posted 04:04pm 05/11/14
PC master race! Can't wait to play this. One of the very few games I'm looking forward to.
Posted 05:30pm 05/11/14
looks pretty awesome.
Posted 05:37pm 05/11/14
Wish they had included some ability to transfer your save over, like patch something into the previous copies of the game to transfer a save up to the cloud, and then in the new one, suck the file down and convert it to a save for the new version. I would have bought it if that was the case, but I'm already over halfway through the game and just can't be bothered starting from scratch again.
Posted 06:55pm 05/11/14
I am happy to restart over, relive all the funny moments. I wonder if there will be more face/hair options for the characters.
Posted 07:52pm 05/11/14
Wow, this alone is worth a playthrough.

I'm impressed with R*.
Posted 09:20am 06/11/14
Is there co-op in GTA V?
Posted 10:01am 06/11/14
All they have to do now is add in a Arkham Asylum melee fighting system and holycrap would this be awesome.
Posted 07:02pm 06/11/14
I've been holding out playing GTA5 waiting for the PC version. I was really hoping for FPS, at the very least using a Mod like on GTA4. But Rockstar has taken this over the top. Can't wait!
I wonder if GTA5 will have Oculus Rift support? Please let it be so.
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