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Post by Eorl @ 07:37pm 02/11/14 | 5 Comments
Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 is doing extremely well for the company, so well in fact that for the time running from July until September of this year the PS4 shipped 3.3 million units over that period.

The PlayStation 3 also saw a nice shift of numbers, with 800,000 units shipped over the same span. The entire gaming division saw its revenues increase 84 percent over the same period last year.

As with any good news there is always bad. While the PlayStation 4 is moving like gangbusters, the handheld side of the PlayStation arm sold only 700,000 units over the same period. That’s down 100,000 year on year for the PS Vita and PSP. That number also includes the PlayStation TV.

Those numbers combine for $2.77 billion in revenue for Sony’s gaming arm. In spite of the stellar PlayStation’s performance, Sony overall reported a loss of $1.22 billion over the same quarter. The largest culprit for this loss was the mobile phone division.

For contrast, Microsoft announced combined Xbox 360 and Xbox One shipments of 2.4 million in its latest financial results.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:31pm 02/11/14
Should just bin the lame handheld crap and concentrate on the ps4
Posted 08:03am 03/11/14
Why has Sony suddenly changed to stating units "shipped" as opposed to actual sales as they have been since the PS4 launch?
Posted 06:56pm 03/11/14
Sales figures probably haven't come in yet but given how few PS4's have been available (at the nearest JB store the console guy there was saying as fast as they come in, they sell) you would think the shipped and sold figures won't be too far apart.

Given the deal they had for the Halloween weekend (PS4, The Last of Us, Alien Isolation, and The Evil Within (Edit: for $569)) they would have seen plenty of them go out the door.
Posted 07:08pm 03/11/14
Should just bin the lame handheld crap and concentrate on the ps4

Nah mangs, the handheld stuff is equally as awesome, people just don't realise it yet.
Posted 02:11pm 04/11/14
They really need to focus on making some quality games for the system, and fast. Remastered HD editions and multi-platform titles will only get you so far.
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