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Post by Eorl @ 05:39pm 29/10/14 | 17 Comments
As promised last week, the long-awaited Oceanic servers for Blizzard's mega MMO World of Warcraft are now online after an extended maintenance period.

After waiting nearly 10 years since the game's launch, Australian and New Zealand players now have access to low-ping servers in the Oceanic labelled World of Warcraft realms. Current ping readouts are ranging from 18ms through to 80ms, far below the typical 400 and beyond we were use to seeing.

"Players currently on an Oceanic realm—Barthilas, Frostmourne, Thaurissan, Saurfang, Caelestrasz, Jubei’Thos, Khaz’goroth, Aman’Thul, Nagrand, Dath’Remar, Dreadmaul, and Gundrak—should automatically experience improved latency once the new game servers go live,” say Blizzard. “To help those currently adventuring on North American realms, such as Blackrock and Proudmoore, optional free character and guild master realm transfers will be offered for a limited time."

How's your experience so far with the now true Oceanic servers? Competency in Player versus Player content now up? Let us know in the comments!

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:45pm 29/10/14
just awesome 30-40ms world/home just need to port forward now
Posted 06:17pm 29/10/14
Lol my ping is >500 on the server.
Posted 06:24pm 29/10/14
28ms home. 64ms world...never thought i'd see the day
Posted 07:27pm 29/10/14
yes, well, very good.
Posted 07:46pm 29/10/14
Posted 08:32pm 29/10/14
60-70 on 100mb cable out of WA
Tanaka Khan
Posted 11:31pm 29/10/14
People still play this?
Posted 11:59pm 29/10/14
36ms when I'm just soloing in open world and about 38-40ms in raids. Makes life a lot easier for me being a rogue and responsible for interrupts.
Posted 12:06am 30/10/14
I used the 7 day trial to re-sub and move my toons on Proudmoore to Saurfang. I already had one toon on Saurfang so it was auto-moved and I was getting about 60ms (from Maleny). I didn't really feel it any quicker when casting a bubble and healing thingie compared to previous.

I felt SWTOR had quicker response time and was more noticeable when they got rid of the AU servers.
Posted 12:15am 30/10/14
since kids could run up their own WoW servers Tanaka

of course they do.
The Nerfatar
Posted 01:33am 30/10/14
Do you guys notice the difference much? When SWTOR closed their AU servers I think I originally noticed the US ping difference, but got used to it pretty quickly.
Posted 09:14am 30/10/14
People still play this?

Nah. Everyone here is lying. Nice comment, quality addition!

Anyway, WoW has much better and more refined client prediction and compensation for lag than SWTOR when the AU servers were brought in.

In SWTOR, you can (or could anyway) feel the lag when you click on a skill or ability as the delay was front loaded - in wow, the animation starts immediately even though the start of the cast or whatever isn't registered on the server. You are also allowed to start a second skill before the animation finishes, so cast bars like Quartz can give you decent indication of where its all at and you can compensate to a degree and get reasonable rotations off. I didn't notice a huge difference on my Warlock's combat for this reason, aside from it being harder to hit the much smaller red quartz bar bit!

This obviously has drawbacks and fails for anything that is reliant on server timing, like dodging AE circles, or fighting another player, or instant casts like mage blink. I fought a few NPCs with dodgeable ground effects last night and it was certainly noticeably a lot easier and you had a lot more actual time to react. In particular I found the lower latency made looting very fast - even with autoloot on you have to wait to clear the loot window, on new Oceanic realms this is super fast, especially when clearing a number of corpses at once where there are a few items merged together in the loot window. Blink was a big deal - normally you get 'robbed' of a big portion of the blink as you run along with the animation playing, now it feels true - you hit the button and you just ... blink.

On my Hunter compared to the Warlock the impact felt more real. Grinding world PVE as marks spec, most of my skills are instant cast and felt a lot more responsive. Also there is this thing where the world sometimes adjusts (like when you snare a mob with concussive shot) and the position of NPCs or players is corrected. If you ever cast a spell like Blizzard to hit running mobs, you'll know you have to adjust targetting to compensate for lag, and the mobs warp a little when they are snared. None of that now, what you see in the world is just the truth and you aren't subtly compensating all the time.
Posted 09:09am 30/10/14
Yeah, did that Halloween bombing run quest and it was really noticeable too, no delay when using abilities on the mount bar. And yeah, noticeable when moving out of frontal cones and other ground are effects. Would imagine it would make interrupting way easier too.

Also for people on internode , you can try changing your line profile, I was getting 48ms then changed line profile to the low latency one, now get 21ms.
Posted 01:11pm 30/10/14
TlcMan - In the options somewhere, there's an option to account for lag (I don't remember the exact name of it).

Try dropping that down to the lowest, or disable it and that may help make everything seem snappier.
Posted 02:01pm 30/10/14
Yeah I was looking for that setting last night too, I remember there being a lag compensation setting where you told it what your average ping was (like set it to 200 for us) and it'd compensate. I couldn't find the setting though, so I dunno if its been removed or I'm just blind
Posted 03:11pm 30/10/14
I just had a look for it, seems it's removed.
Posted 03:13pm 30/10/14
Getting about 15 ping. Very noticeable difference now in combat.

Yeah I was looking for that setting last night too, I remember there being a lag compensation setting where you told it what your average ping was (like set it to 200 for us) and it'd compensate. I couldn't find the setting though, so I dunno if its been removed or I'm just blind

No the setting is def still there, i switched it off last night.
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