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Post by Eorl @ 09:35am 29/10/14 | 4 Comments
Star Wars: Battlefront is coming Holiday 2015, Electronic Arts has announced, and will be a first-person shooter.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the news during an investor relations call today. Battlefront is EA's big holiday blockbuster, and as such, the next Battlefield game won't arrive until Holiday 2016. "This allows us to have a major first-person shooter title each year," an EA executive said.

The chosen date also coincides quite nicely with another release that year: JJ Abrams' directed movie Star Wars: Episode 7 is due out 18th December 2015.

Meanwhile, Wilson said the next Battlefield game from developer DICE, presumably called Battlefield 5, will release in the last quarter of 2016, much like the analysts from yesterday believed would happen.

"Battlefield 4 continues to add new players and engage existing fans a year after launch," he said.

"As a result of the extended services and content updates that we provide, it's clear that players want to experience the games we're delivering for longer periods of time. Looking into next year, we will ensure that our players have enough time between releases to fully explore the depth and innovation in our shooter titles."

Earlier this evening EA confirmed Battlefield Hardline, the spin-off from Visceral, will launch in March 2015.

"Following this launch, our next Battlefield experience is planned planned for launch in Q3 FY17," Wilson added. Q3 FY2017 is the October to December 2016 period.

"We want to give Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline players more time to enjoy these games and immerse themselves in a game, the live service, and the community."

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:06am 29/10/14
I'll buy this regardless if it's s*** because <3 Star Wars lol
Posted 11:44am 29/10/14
bah, i thought that was a new trailer
Posted 01:10pm 29/10/14
it's clear that players want to experience the games we're delivering for longer periods of time.

almost gone full circle! In my day you could play the same game, even the same map, for 5 years because playing it with other people made every round different. We didn't need wankers with their clever stories, flashy graphics (trying to hide the fact the game is designed to be playable on hardware from 2006) and angsty protagonists appealing to our narcissism and delusions of "no one understands me" (in reality "no one cares" is usually close to accurate).

Battlefront 2 is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone who gets the random urge to annihilate waves of droids as a jedi, or attack a star destroyer in the middle of a space battle.

Hopefully they do this new battlefront well and it gets the support and player base it deserves.
Posted 09:49pm 03/11/14
May the 4th is still too soon for this imo
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