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Post by Dan @ 12:33pm 28/10/14 | 6 Comments
It's been years since Enemy Territory fans have had a solid team-focused, objective-based multiplayer first person shooter to sink their teeth into -- even longer if you didn't warm to Brink -- but the crew at UK-based Splash Damage has been working on its latest evolution of the genre, and this time it's going free-to-play.

AusGamers was recently invited out to Splash Damage's new digs in Bromley, UK, and although we had some reservations going in, much fun was had.Read our in-depth hands-on preview for all the details.

Dirty Bomb is due on PC in 2015.

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Posted 04:42pm 28/10/14
Can also see the video Preview here

Looking forward to this hopefully its alot better than Brink
Posted 05:34pm 28/10/14
Am i still covered by a NDA? I dont know. was part of the beta...alpha? no more aussie players ATM hopefully it changes. cause it was a HUGE amount of fun. best gunplay ive experienced in a long time. Felt really satisfying, looked brilliant, was a huge fan. i was also exceptionally s*** at it :P
Posted 07:23pm 28/10/14
and this time it's going free-to-play.

Wasn't ET a mod then stand alone? i.e. FREE
Posted 06:39pm 28/10/14
Yes. I believe you acn still play that amazing game which has been updated since.

RTCW:ET was amazing, the teamwork required was pretty epic and revolutionary imo. 5v5 sounds lame though.
Posted 01:44am 29/10/14
ET was intended as a commercial game, but they pulled the plug on it and decided to release what they had for free.

I still hold ET up as probably my favourite team-based FPS game ever; I had so much fun playing that game. I somehow missed the news that Splash Damage were making a new game; will be keeping an eye out on this one.
Posted 03:14pm 01/11/14
I can only see 2 AUS servers up at the moment and they both always seem to be empty

real shame quite keen on this game loved ET back in the day at lans
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