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Post by Eorl @ 03:56pm 21/10/14 | 9 Comments
When Gearbox Software announced that they would be opting to go back to a time in-between original Borderlands and its sequel Borderlands 2, the news was met with mixed reactions. Some were happy to hear more loot-filled adventures were on the way, others not so much. What we didn't know until now was just how 'Australian' Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel would be.

With more bogan jokes than you can handle and a fair shake of the Australian voice actor talent bottle, 2K Australia's take on the FPS RPG series is definitely one any local gamer should be proud of. To tell us just how proud we should be is Dave "ko-zee-ii" Kozicki, who found that while it may not be as next-gen as many had hoped, it still innovates on where it matters: humour.
2K Australia has taken the well-worn series formula, added its own low gravity tweaks, lasers, cryo-freezing buffs and doused it in true flag-waving Aussie flavour. Strewth, there were so many moments that had me pissing my pants, relishing our country’s lingo, history, colourful characters and, for lack of a better word, culture.
Read on for the full review to find out more on the most Australian Borderlands we'll ever have.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:07pm 21/10/14
edit: oh he said many
Posted 04:15pm 21/10/14
Don't have much interest in Borderlands myself, but this gun did make me laugh. Hrmm its not letting me set a start time, jump to 2:11 to skip all the crap at the start.

Posted 05:05pm 21/10/14
Will definitely get it. Just waiting for the $70 price tag on Steam to come down a bit
Posted 05:20pm 21/10/14
Same Mives.. if it hits about $35/40 I'll def grab a copy.
Posted 05:48pm 21/10/14

I loved Borderlands 1 played the s*** out of that with my brother co-op, couldn't get into BL2 it didn't offer anything new that BL already did so I'm going to give this a miss and keep grinding for loot in Destiny instead lol
Posted 11:53pm 21/10/14
As good as it sounds I have no idea what actually makes it different from its previous iterations after reading this review :\
Posted 01:35am 22/10/14
Been playing this a bit and yeah it seems pretty same same to me. Biggest addition is low gravity so more flying enemies and air combat plus the stomp things. Also areas without oxygen, or where oxygen can be turned on/off, which prevents enemies from burning if no oxygen.

I've only ever played borderlands solo and never got too far through before getting bored and kinda getting over this one. Really prefer just good ol linear shooters, none of this fetch quest and back tracking bulls***.

Also, pet hate with this new one is that for the first good while there was only pistols and some s***** rifles, no SMGs, snipers, shotguns etc so ammo and variety was very, very limited.
Posted 10:20am 22/10/14
Kinda burnt out on borderlands if i'm honest. I don't think i even got through the DLC for #2. I'll give it a miss.
Posted 04:41pm 29/10/14
(This post contains no spolilers)

I loved Borderlands 2 and played through all DLC for it too.

Having played through the Singleplayer Story at a mate's place I can honestly say that this a completely skippable piece of the Borderlands series.

Forgetable sidequests? Check
Too few new weapons? Check
Bad performance on PC for no reason? Check

Seriously just pick it up on sale when its like $15 with all DLC.
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