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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:56pm 17/10/14 | 10 Comments
Our buddies over at Melbourne-based MMGN have come across some interesting stuff out of Rare where a new project for Xbox One is concerned.

The boys managed to find a job listing for Rare that asks "If you’d like to be part of a pioneering team dedicated to the next jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before Rare game, why not come and join us?".

While most job-listings for games from developers tend to lean towards bigging themselves up, MMGN also points out that a recent interview with Microsoft's Phil Spencer suggests that "its time for them to spread out and think about more", he also reminds us that Rare has "great franchises in their history, and hopefully their future", leaving us perhaps more interested now than before. As long as it isn't a party game that requires Kinect, and the studio works to build on their past Nintendo successes, we're pretty much signed up.

If this turns out to be something, what Rare game would you like to see revived for Xbox One?

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:02pm 17/10/14
Jet Force Gemini
Posted 01:15pm 17/10/14
I want Banjo Kazoothreei(?)

edit: Kathreei probably works better
Posted 01:35pm 17/10/14
Yeah I want a proper Banjo game. Nuts and cranks or whatever it was called was such a disappointment :( I really loved the adventure in that game, the worlds seemed so large and massive and you could do so much stuff in a world. I want the Mario 64 style of world back.

Are there any games that are recent that do something similar?
Posted 05:19pm 17/10/14
Conkers... id consider an xbone for conkers....
Posted 09:17pm 18/10/14
Banjo Kazooie was an amazing game but it's a classic and I don't believe that it could be matched with a new Banjo game.
Posted 12:48am 19/10/14
is Earthworm Jim a Rare game? if not then idk
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:36am 19/10/14
trillion, nope not Rare.

Here's a quick list (excluding Donkey Kong):

Blast Corpse
Killer Instinct
Jet Force Gemini
The game formerly known as Dinosaur Planet (could be revived in its original non-Star Foxified vision)
Perfect Dark
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Posted 01:59pm 19/10/14
A new Blast Corps game could be good. I love that game.
Posted 03:34pm 19/10/14
I second a new blast corps game, one of the few games I 100%'ed ever, just because the challenge was so good.
Posted 09:39pm 19/10/14
New IP. Make the XBone THE console to have, Rare and Nintendo themselves made the only games worth having an N64 for. Hopefully most make it to PC, too!

Also do a proper Perfect Dark sequel.
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