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Post by Eorl @ 02:35pm 15/10/14 | 32 Comments
As you would expect with an expansion on the horizon, a slight increase in numbers has occurred for Blizzard's near decade-old MMORPG World of Warcraft, with the online game seeing a bump in 600,000 subscribers thanks to looming Warlords of Draenor.

Third quarter 2014 has shown an increase of 600,000 after losing 800,000 in the period ending June 30, 2014. During its earnings call in August, Blizzard predicted an uptick, with 1.5 million copies of the Warlords of Draenor expansion pre-ordered at that time.

The news that subscribers now total 7.4 million came in conjunction with news that update 6.0.2 has been released. This update, detailed here, is a prelude to the release of the new expansion on November 13th.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:08pm 15/10/14
BOYCOT due to no Aussie Servers !!
Posted 03:22pm 15/10/14
BOYCOT due to no Aussie Servers !!

good luck :D
Posted 03:27pm 15/10/14
Local servers would be nice and all, but I've been playing with a 200ms or even 400ms ping for like 10 years now and its not really a dealbreaker.
Posted 04:02pm 15/10/14
It is for PvP and also affects PvE a bit. Always getting messages like "you must be behind your target" etc or "out of range" maybe more so for certain classes like rogues, which require stealth timing and positioning etc.!

I only really enjoyed the high end PvP content where timing is required, which is why I enjoy fighters a lot.
Many of the tactics in PVP involve evading around cover, which is all timing based esp when playing Aus vs US.

Happy to boycott on my own, heaps of Aussies will grind to 100 with 300ms no probs.
Game plays very different with 20-30ms, imagine 10x more responsive.
Posted 03:59pm 15/10/14
Yeah, fair point, I can't really speak on pvp cos I don't pvp much and when I do its usually with a ranged class.

Though, as part of this expansion they are relaxing a lot of facing and positioning requirements. For example rogues can be beside or behind now, instead of having to be behind, so that will probably help. Some things I think have even had positioning or facing requirements removed entirely.
Posted 04:55pm 15/10/14
I laugh every time the "local server" thing comes up, it feels like it was only 10 years ago that we were having this same discussion... oh wait.
Posted 05:35pm 15/10/14
Yeah 10ms would be nice, but just accept it is never going to happen.

Play in the oceanic servers and hope that most players your playing against are with the same issue is all you can do.
Posted 05:59pm 15/10/14
What server is everyone playing these days? Might give it another go.
Posted 06:04pm 15/10/14
Doesn't really matter the way the world blend together is insane I got friends on different realms within the same battlegroup and we all play together.

I got a Holy Priest Horde on Saurfang which is where Khel plays too I think and a Rogue on Jubei'Thos also a Horde, as long as PVP plays with PVP and PVE plays with PVE as I have a brother on Frostmourne who I play cross realm with.
Posted 06:10pm 15/10/14
My main raiding guild is on Dath'Remar/Khaz'goroth Alliance but I have a my own guild on horde side as well. If you are on that server hit me up and I will get you a group.
Posted 06:15pm 15/10/14
Yeah, my toons are all on Saurfang on horde side. Except some of my AH toons that sit on Frostmourne cos the economy was better for selling glyphs and s***.
Posted 07:05pm 15/10/14
Add me meddek#1741

Just logged into the bnet app and saw heroes of the storm available xD
Posted 07:14pm 15/10/14
Coming back for a look and maybe to do Ogrimmar if the new gold gear is good enough?

Khel, did the guild asplode?

Posted 08:08pm 15/10/14
Yeah, it did assplode :( only 4 or 5 people left who regularly log on, I'm still in it just for sentimental reasons and cos I couldn't be bothered finding a new one, at least until/if I want to raid in warlords.
Posted 08:10pm 15/10/14
Ubrs gear is ilvl 550 though, so with some of that, and the new group finder, you should be able to get into a group for siege of orgrimmar.
Posted 10:06am 16/10/14
Well my Holy Priest on Saurfang is out of a Guild (Which was actually yours Khel) so if you find a guild I'll come along for the ride as well!

Did the Iron Horde quest chain last night which takes around 30min, and then did UBRS on my Rogue, then I completed the Iron Horde quests on my Holy Priest (Which can't DPS for s*** now) but wasn't able to do UBRS because of ilvl, I fired up a couple of heroics and a random raid group so I could try out healing and it's definitely changed.

Whilst I didn't have any issues with healing and no wipes occurred it's definitely a different feel, no longer can I just spam the one healing spell and rollface the keyboard I find I really need to be more selective in the spells I'm going to cast to keep the team up.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:23am 16/10/14
I haven't tried a lower lvl toon but my max lvl warlock solo'd Firelands last night. Bosses were going down in about 10 secs so I dunno why Blizz have decided to have stats that way but I don't mind. Gonna be able to bang out some achieves I never got from a while back.
Posted 10:29am 16/10/14
Ya, I'm on Saurfang, interested in a guild hook up if anyone else is on there. I'm Horde (of course) I'm only a casual player so not looking for anything too hardcore. Toon name is Wappo.

I did the Iron Horde quest last night which was much quicker than I though and UBRS which was also pretty quick. I haven't done SOO yet so I'm super keen to finish that, just have 2 wings left. I tried to queue last night - and after 30 minutes gave up and played DOTA :)
Posted 11:49am 16/10/14
If you've got the gear for it, I'd recommend doing SoO at normal difficulty instead of doing the LFR version, you wont get the full feel of the fights in LFR cos some mechanics are changed or left out.

Keep in mind, all the difficulty names have changed now too. "Normal" difficulty now is what used to be Flex difficulty previously. "Heroic" difficulty now is what previously used to be normal. And "Mythic" difficulty is what previously used to be heroic. Mythic is a set 20 man raid size, but the other difficulties all flexibly scale from 10 players to 30 players.
Posted 11:50am 16/10/14
My Priest is ilvl 479 I think so still not high enough, I've been farming Isle of Time for gear got two Epic drops last night from it.
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:54am 16/10/14
Also if anyone here plays a lock there's a bug atm that lets you summon your abyssal demon thing all the time. The 10 minute cooldown isn't werking. Woot!
Posted 11:55am 16/10/14
My monk feels almost exactly the same, at least as far as tanking and dps goes. Haven't tried my priest yet, but yeah I guess healing is gonna feel different.

I do love the changes to Fists of Fury though, and the new sound it makes rocks.
Posted 12:00pm 16/10/14
My Priest is ilvl 479 I think so still not high enough, I've been farming Isle of Time for gear got two Epic drops last night from it.

All the valor gear costs gold now, and I think most of the rep requirements on it are gone, could grab some of that to pump up your ilvl a bit.
Posted 01:22pm 16/10/14
OMG I got heaps of gold to burn through!

Does WOD have a stupid flying license for some ridiculous amount of money?
Reverend Evil
Posted 01:29pm 16/10/14
You can save your gold because there isn't going to be flying in WoD. It's all ground mounts baby!
Posted 01:57pm 16/10/14
F*** yeah back to basics
Posted 03:15pm 16/10/14
Theres been a very vocal minority crying massive tears since the no flying thing was first announced, but I'm glad blizzard stuck to their guns and didn't back down on it, it let them make the zones so much more interesting. I mean, think of Timeless Isle, all the little exploration bits and jumping puzzles and stuff like that would just be rendered pointless if you could fly. That same sort of stuff has been carried over into the actual zones for WoD.
Posted 03:45pm 16/10/14
I think the ground mount also helps with giving a sense of scale of things. I tried to play as little as I could with the beta but just had me riding around going "yep, that's a big f***** cliff right there." Pretty sure they also made a conscious effort to make sure the flight paths were up to scratch in the beta as well.

MoP was horrific at the start wtih max level characters flying and ganking level 85s.

Man, I thought I knew what I wanted to level before the 6.0.2 patch but now I'm all f***y about it haha.
The Nerfatar
Posted 04:27pm 16/10/14
I don't really wanna play, but am curious about how their terrain system etc looks these days. Is there a decent place for screenshots from beta etc?

I just wanna see the giant cliff...

edit: WoWHead has my back.
Posted 07:15pm 16/10/14
So no flying mounts, not even after you reach 100?? That's just madness bro.
Posted 08:13pm 16/10/14
Anyone on Thaurissan Horde need a guild, we'll take you for some WoD raiding. spete#1379
Posted 02:00pm 17/10/14
Anyone raiding Mythic SoO between now and WoD? Its apparently quite a bit easier now, still not faceroll easy, but easier than it was pre-patch. If anyones doing it and needs a tank, my monk is 581 ilvl and I'd be keen to try it out, even crossrealm or whatever. Or I can dps as windwalker, dps gear is 579 though and I'm a bit rusty when it comes to dps.
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