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Post by Eorl @ 04:34pm 09/10/14 | 5 Comments
This won't come as a surprise to many PC enthusiasts but the confirmation is still much appreciated - Microsoft's Bryan Langley has revealed in a blog post (via that the new DirectX 12 protocol will be making its debut on the launch of Windows 10.

Currently those taking part in Windows 10's technical preview will note that only DirectX 11 is supported, however Langley notes that on the launch of Windows 10 DirectX 12 will be there. Developers utilising Unreal Engine 4 will also be happy to hear that Microsoft has worked with Epic to create a DirectX 12 branch of the latest engine's Github repository.

With support now official for UE 4.4 - the latest public release of the engine, developers will find they can now work on improving implementation of DirectX 12 for their video games.

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Posted 09:57am 10/10/14
Much lower CPU overheads with this version compared to DX11. Won't need to upgrade a CPU for longer now.
Posted 12:37pm 10/10/14
OpenGL Developers can get significantly better performance – up to 1.3 times tweakable to 7 to 15 times more performance.

I am at a loss as to why Direct X is still being used by game dev's in my ill-informed opinion open GL is the Star ship enterprise whilst Direct X is the millennium falcon even blind Freddy can see the the difference between an OpenGL game and a DirectX game graphics.

This is my soap box my crusade my pet hate of all things direct X.
Posted 12:40pm 10/10/14
I thought DX12 was coming to windows 8.1. Bummer.
Posted 03:06pm 10/10/14
Release date for windows 10?
Gonna jump on it at release. Its time.
Posted 03:28pm 10/10/14
I'm guessing Q2 '15
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