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Post by Eorl @ 02:23pm 08/10/14 | 13 Comments
Xbox users can finally take advantage of our favorite media center, Plex. The app is available today for Xbox One users, and soon for the Xbox 360.

If you have an Xbox, you can now view your media collection, take advantage of Plex recommendations based on viewing habits, the ability to fully customize the view of your collection, and voice and gesture control (with Kinect). Plex also categorizes your media. The Rediscover feature helps you find TV shows you started watching but might have forgotten about, and Recently Added is now organized by media type.

Plex Pass users can download the app for free in the Xbox Live App Store. Soon, non-Plex Pass users will be able to download it for a one time fee. The Xbox 360 version is on the way soon, too. Before you install the Xbox apps, install the Plex Pass preview release on your media center or home server.

plexxbox onemedia streaming

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Posted 04:54pm 08/10/14
Excellent! Plex is such an awesome product, I gave them my money a year ago for their lifetime sub and to keep getting stuff like the Xbone app is really neat. Although since my TV (Samsung) has a Plex app I can't see myself using the Xbone app at all.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:27pm 08/10/14
Never used it, but I do have 'other' apps running on my XBO and PS4, why should I get Plex?
Posted 08:35pm 08/10/14
because its aweosome, and polished.

although if you have a suitable media solution already, maybe just check it out for free.

i too have a samsung tv, which gobbles up all the media i serve to it through my plex media server, and i coudlnt be happier.
Posted 09:40pm 08/10/14
yeah so many good content softs now, if only xbmc/kodi had the same user friendliness and the database/multi screen remoting that plex does
Posted 11:33am 09/10/14
Plex is more like a media system. It handles movies, TV shows, photos and music with all cover art, genres, years, tags, etc as part of that. It really comes worthwhile with its device support though. There's a Plex app for iOS, Android, various smart TVs, runs in a web browser, etc. It's all remotely available from those devices while you're out and about too.

It's great for me because I can sync up a bunch of music to my phone and if I want something that's not synced it just streams it from the server. Once I get the NBN, streaming movies from the server will be possible which is going to be nice.
Posted 12:51pm 09/10/14
yer, ive been super interested in that.

would be awesome to access all the medias when you're out in the real world!
Posted 05:23pm 09/10/14
Yeah I run Plex and Media Browser 3 at home. I prefer Media Browser 3 as my media player but use Plex when I want to sync movies/TV shows to my iOS devices.
Posted 11:18pm 15/10/14
So I installed a Plex server on my NAS, and got the Plex app for XBone. Its pretty snazzy, I'm liking all the flashyness, but for the Plex pros out there, does it not natively support MKV? I think it was transcoding my MKVs and they were coming out significantly lower quality when watching then via Plex than when watching them through other media players. Is there a setting I've missed to make it support MKV or make them not look like s***?
Posted 07:17am 16/10/14
yer, should be on the server side, through media manager -> server settings -> transcoder
Posted 09:45am 16/10/14
yes Plex will only transcode when the device your playing on doesnt support MKV playback
Posted 02:02pm 17/10/14
Thanks, turned up the quality on the transcoder on the server and it looked better, still not perfect though. I might try the "Make my cpu hurt" setting. Shouldn't be an issue for long though cos I saw today they're adding native MKV support to the xbox anyway.
Posted 02:05pm 17/10/14
I would think the Plex app would have support built in. I haven't installed the app on the Xbone yet but check around in the settings for playback and see if you can find the playback mode. Sometimes setting it to auto makes the server transcode while if you set it to "Direct Playing" it will decode on the client.

I had to do this on my Samsung TV (which supports direct playback) using the native Plex app.
Posted 11:00am 20/10/14
Xbox nows run with MediaBrowser 3 too. I prefer Mediabrowser 3 over plex
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