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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:27pm 07/10/14 | 23 Comments
The reviews have been out and about for a little while thanks to (annoying) exclusivity, but our take is our take, and here it is for you.

It's not just by far the best Middle-earth game in circulation, it just happens to be one of the better action-adventure games of the year and carries with it a few unique concepts that could reshape the development landscapes for this type of game moving forward.

Click here for our Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:31pm 07/10/14
My game of the year easily. I love the Tolkien universe and adore how they've brought Mordor to life in the best way possible: focusing on the enemies. I have not become bored yet, and still eagerly go out and explore the lands to find a grunt I want to raise through the ranks.

Definitely a must-buy!
Posted 07:35pm 07/10/14
Wait, this isn't a MMO?
Posted 10:33pm 07/10/14
Not a MMO, Open-world third-person action RPG.
Posted 03:16am 08/10/14
My one and Only complaint about the game is that there are not enough main story missions they go by too quick, maybe add some story dlc's in later or even an expansion down the track

The nemesis system is one of if not the best game mechanic that has come about in the past few years and it would be brilliant if future games would use it and refine it
Posted 07:37am 08/10/14
Great to see a non-MMO single player game of this scale, can't wait to get into it!
Posted 09:50am 08/10/14
It pretty much does a better job of being Assassin's Creed than Assassin's Creed does these days
Posted 10:39am 08/10/14
It's Assassins Creed: Middle Earth
Posted 11:57am 08/10/14
I got it last friday and finished it by Monday morning, just freaking content locusting my way through the whole thing. Loved it. It's an awesome amalgam of Assassin's Creed, Batman Arkham and just a touch of Soul Reaver. The story is dribbled out quite slowly and is then over all too quickly IMO though.
Posted 05:04pm 08/10/14
It's Assassins Creed: Middle Earth

cool. if that's the case it'd make assassin's creed worth playing for a few hours.

but is the AI and combat mechanics stupidly predictable and repetitive like assassin's creed?

I guess it has to be cos it's fundamentally a console game..
Posted 02:28pm 09/10/14
My only problem with the game is that the combat is like Assassins Creed...

*Oruks attack, mash Y, hit two buttons when glowy sword... Rinse repeat 30 times*
Posted 02:46pm 09/10/14
Its a lot more like Arkham, if you're sitting there waiting for them to attack and then countering, you're doing it wrong. I spend way more of my time offensively attacking and vaulting and wraith stunning and flurrying and dagger throwing then I do countering really. Only time I really find myself countering is in situations where I'm already attacking one guy, and another guy is taking a swing at me from behind or something. Or those times when multiple guys come at you at once and you can do those sweet double counters where Talion goes after one guy and the wraith goes after the other.
Posted 03:09pm 09/10/14
Installed this and Alien this morning going to get a bottle of scotch and get into them my biggest decision is to f*** around in Mordor or get s*** scared of dark hallways again
Posted 10:36pm 09/10/14
lame troll
Posted 07:27am 10/10/14
That nuke doesn't look genuine.
Posted 02:00pm 10/10/14
cause its not. I removed it, d*** level was set to 11.
Posted 02:47pm 10/10/14
Played this game for a couple of hours last night, it's so much fun definitely feels more Batman Arkham City than AC to me, I love just how open the gameplay is and how the Orc Captain system works.
Posted 03:26pm 10/10/14
I love how the warchiefs all make an entrance with their own themes and voices chanting their names and stuff. Makes it feel like WWE wrestling or something
Posted 04:10pm 10/10/14
Me to Khel, feels a bit intimidating, in an entertaining sort of way. Except for the one time I got a Uruk named Kaka to become a Warchief, then I just giggled like an idiot.
Posted 04:17pm 10/10/14
yep. the minions chanting the captain or chief's name is epic. I also love when you get to low health and all you can hear is your heart beat and strikes. By far the most brutal and awesome combat I've ever experienced in a game. Literally hours of OMFG F*** YES fist pumping decapitations.

The world and mechanics they've created are completely unreal. The story, while compelling, did feel short and sort of rushed towards the end. The stuff with the princess was questionable imo. Still though, great game and easily GOTY for me.
Posted 12:48am 11/10/14
Gave this another run for a few hours tonight, not rushing the story given the people who have said its a bit on the short side. Its fun to just wander the map, kill captains, get intel etc, find side quests and stalk the orcs tho!

Just genuine fun, savouring it basically :) GOTY easy for me.
Posted 05:57pm 12/10/14
this game is sweeeet!
Posted 04:42pm 13/10/14
I just picked this up for the PS4. I have not really followed it before its release but I keep hearing that its pretty good. Ill boot it up a bit later. I need to play more Alien too.
Posted 01:25pm 14/10/14
It's Assassins Creed: Middle Earth

Nope its Batman: Dark Knight of Mordor
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