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Post by Eorl @ 02:29pm 07/10/14 | 2 Comments
Paradox Interactive announced over the weekend that the release date for its previously announced Crusader Kings 2 expansion - Charlemagne - will be launching next week, on October 14th.

The expansion adds new story events, the ability to create new kingdoms, and a new century to play through. Additionally, the expansion also comes with a new in-game option, Chronicle, which highlights a dynasty's conquests, marriages, and labours for the faith.

Paradox is also releasing four new pieces of DLC alongside the expansion, adding further customisation options beyond those already included in Charlemagne. This includes period-appropriate attire and portrait packs for the Early Middle Ages.

Charlemagne will be available for PC through various digital stores for $15 USD.

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Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 02:46pm 07/10/14
I bought the main game ages ago, and just picked up all the add-ons last week during a sale. I love the look of this game, but I get overwhelmed every time I try and play it. There is so much to look at and so many things to control.
Posted 09:11pm 07/10/14
EU4 is a bit easier. The problem with CK2 is the f*****g family. They'll screw you over at every turn.
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