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Developer Stardock, best known for Sins of a Solar Empire and Galactic Civilizations, has today announced a new PC strategy game called Sorcerer King. An in-development version of the fantasy 4x game is available to play right now via Steam Early Access.

Describing the game as a "new breed" of strategy, Stardock says players are tasked with defeating a "single, overwhelmingly powerful enemy" whose objective is the world's destruction, no pressure. To save the day you'll need to expand your kingdom, craft artifacts, and recruit champions.

Ultimately, you'll arrive at the Shadow Gate and confront the Sorcerer King himself in what's sure to be an epic final showdown. Stardock says that Sorcerer King is designed in such a way that even those familiar with 4x games like Alpha Centauri will find something new, because both the player and the Sorcerer King will play by their own set of rules.

Sorcerer King's Early Access version is available for $33.99 from Steam, a saving of 15 per cent compared to the $39.99 price for upon final release.

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