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Post by Eorl @ 09:19am 03/10/14 | 9 Comments
RPG fans awaiting the launch of Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity will sadly have to wait just a little bit longer, with publisher Paradox announcing this morning that the game has been pushed back to 2015.

Pillars of Eternity was successfully funded via crowdfunding website Kickstarter two years ago, raising almost $4 million against its goal of $1 million. Originally slated for a release in April 2014, the game was then delayed to this half of the year back in February for further tweaks and development.

"Since the very beginning of this project we promised our fans and ourselves that we would release this game only when we knew it would be absolutely ready for the best experience possible,” writes Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart. “We're very close to that point, but not quite there yet. The feedback we have received through our playtest process has been invaluable to us. We are coming into the home stretch but are pushing the release out just a bit to make sure we honor that promise we made originally. Thanks for your patience and support, it will be worth the wait."

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Posted 12:01pm 03/10/14

I haven't played the beta but the general feedback hasn't been amazing re. combat in particular.
The Nerfatar
Posted 03:05pm 06/10/14
I'm so confused, I keep mixing up Pillars of Eternity and Torment: Tides of Numenera, didn't realise that Torment is actually the one looking sweet. Now I'll have to figure out what this other one I backed was.

edit: To add to the confusion, one is licensing the engine of the other, lol.
Posted 09:00am 07/10/14
They say out-of-combat stuff works well. Combat is messy at the moment.

What Wasteland-2 has shown me, is that these kick-starter games with the big names building off an old-school game are willing to forgo 10 years or so of game development knowledge and what works well and what doesn't. They are making some critical game design choices that are just crap because 'the previous game did it that way'.

Also the dude behind PoE is totally more committed to Torment and it is showing. People are getting the feeling that he sees PoE as an obstacle in the way of Torment.
The Nerfatar
Posted 09:08am 07/10/14
I still don't know which is which, and your statement at the end only confused me more. :P
Posted 10:18am 07/10/14
Torment is the successor to Planescape Torment, a game widely revered among the hardcore Western RPG people. It was very text/plot heavy and had large amounts of non-combat meat to it. The game was, from an RPG perspective, a piece of excellence.

Torment: Tides of Numenera was put for kickstarter a little after PoE, by essentially the same people. This made fans of PoE rather skeptical that focus (and potentially funds) would be taken off PoE and put onto Torment. It was assured this would not be the case due to pipelines and reasons.

Although people suspect that at least a portion of the teams focus that should have been on PoE was indeed planted into Torment as early screenshots arose and so on.
The Nerfatar
Posted 10:32am 07/10/14
Wait so it's the exact same developer?
Posted 10:46am 07/10/14
That kind of sucks Toll.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but PoE got the lion's share of funding right? The disposal of kickstarter funding should be more open than it is.
Posted 10:47am 07/10/14
Hadn't even heard of the Torment one, but backed PoE. Looking forward to them both.
Posted 11:53am 07/10/14
Didn't know about that Torment one, but I'll be grabbing that when it comes out, loved Planescape: Torment
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