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Post by Eorl @ 04:44pm 02/10/14 | 3 Comments
FIFA 15 was unleashed on a very expecting public last week and to help us review the next iteration in the long-running franchise is Mr Paul "Hoops" Houlihan from The Fourth Player Podcast.

While it is quite surprising that fatigue hasn't set in on the FIFA brand, Houlihan does find that FIFA 15 isn't quite there yet in terms of realism.
We can hope that next season, EA Canada continues to iterate, and strikes a balance between footballing glamour and realizing the beauty and passion of mid-table obscurity, because all football fans deserve the chance to experience a real simulation of the game we love.
Click here for our FIFA 15 review.

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Posted 07:35pm 02/10/14
A decent enough review, but honestly, anyone who is vaguely interested in soccer/football or even knows a person who is interested in football, will know what Fifa is and involves.
For me, the review basically missed the opportunity to describe the big difference in feel and physics between fifa 14 and fifa 15, old gen vs new.
For the new gen game and now for PC, general AI, movement, shoulder to shoulder battling, headers, goalie reactions/AI, and maybe most importantly the referee AI have all been quite drastically changed...IMO all have been improved to make a quicker, less frustrating, and more realistic game.
Fifa 14 was a half baked product that seemed good when it came out but was packed with flaws, most notably the superman goalie AI when rushing out of goal to collect thruballs which was matched with an ultra stupid goalie AI that consistently deflected long shots to incoming attackers for an easy put away.
Also, fifa 14s referees would, more often than not, allow ridiculous fouls simply because the opponent did not tackle you (by using the tackle button) but used the impact engine of fifa14 to knock you off the ball.
In 15, smashing your player at full speed into an opponent will always draw a foul and quite often a yellow.
Further, the interface and menu is completely revamped and cleaner. Fifa 14 had a different main menu/menu bar look to 13, but when you got deep down into the team setup screens, it was practically unchanged. 15 menus really are new AND improved.

Unfortunately all of this is not relevant to the old gen consoles. They still use impact engine instead of ignite engine.
Expect same old game repackaged for the old gen.
Posted 10:47pm 02/10/14
I have to disagree that the changes are for the better. I buy every single iteration of FIFA 'cos I'm a die hard football fan and play manager mode continuously until the next one comes out and I need the new squads... Some things that bug me about this one:

- Have they changed the artist? The players look like they're wearing Halloween masks when they smile. The skin tones and heights are a bit off. I used to be able to pick Aguero out from a distance but now he's pretty much the same height and colour as every other white player (which isn't accurate imo).
- Goal keepers are bionic. Some ridiculous saves. Sure that happens from time to time but if you dink it in at very slow speeds, the keeper becomes a retard and misses it completely. I had a goal keeper save a power shot penalty with a dive. He caught it and everything..seriously get f***ed ... I've never seen that s*** happen in real life.
- Physics... When have you seen players run into a player on the ground and front flip over him at jogging pace. That s*** happens all the time. I think FIFA 14 shot aerodynamics were more realistic than 15 too. It feels a bit balloony (for lack of a better description) at times in FIFA 15.
Posted 09:41am 03/10/14
Yeah the goalies are bananas with their inconsistency in this one.
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