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Post by Eorl @ 10:10am 26/09/14 | 10 Comments
Popular RTS developer The Creative Assembly has today announced the latest strategy game in the long-running Total War series, titled Attila.

As you would expect from the name, this one will be following one of the most famous warriors in history: Attila the Hun and his one million horsemen. The ultimate warrior from the East and leader of the Hunnic Empire, his reign stretched from the Ural River to the Rhine River and from the Danube River to the Baltic Sea.

Total War: Attila introduces exciting new gameplay mechanics which improve and add to numerous core turn-based and real-time Total War systems. The world will darken around you as Attila’s forces descend on your homeland creating a unique vision of survival strategy.

“With Total War: Attila we will create a Total War game that will challenge and enthrall fans of the series” said Janos Gaspar, project lead on Attila. “We’re reintroducing some features that fans have been asking for, such as family trees and skill trees, and improving many of the core aspects of Total War we know are important to them. But to really bring the period to life, we’re building on these foundations with many new strategic features for them to consider, such as advanced street-fighting, civilians, complete settlement destruction and dynamic fire that can rage across a city as armies clash. We want to push players to the limits of their skill to survive against the odds, and to love every minute of it.”

As mentioned above, a new fire mechanic will be introduced into the game, allowing buildings to burn and fires to spread across the land. Diseases will also play an important role in the game, whereby not keeping your city in check could end up costing you the entire campaign by spreading these foul maladies during sieges, through enemy or friendly armies and even along trade routes.

“Diseases were a key feature of the period,” said communications manager Al Bickham. “We’ve decoupled the squalor/sanitation balance that we had in Rome 2 from public order. It’s now directly related to the health of your city. If you don’t keep a city clean, it may suffer disease.”

Total War: Attila is currently scheduled for a release sometime in 2015 on Windows and Mac.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:03pm 26/9/14
I just wish they'd made Rome 2 as fun as the original Rome, which is one of my favourite games. They somehow managed to remove a big part of the fun from Rome 2. Maybe this new Total War game will be fun.
Posted 04:35pm 26/9/14
I'd never played any of the total war franchise until I got Rome 2, I only bought it because it was cheaper than Company of Heroes 2 at the time.
Some 679 hours and counting later I like the sound of this new one but I don't know if I'll be able to invest that much time again.
The Nerfatar
Posted 04:58pm 26/9/14
Just tried Rome 2 for the free weekend. Glad that it actually runs on my comp after hearing some horror stories, but is my game bugged or is the unit card UI meant to take up nearly half the screen? :S Made the battle I tried damn near unplayable.

The general city management etc also seems a bit weaker, relying on temp tooltips away from the cursor rather than hard informative hyperlinked screens now.

The music is also s***ly generic compared to Rome 1 & Medieval 2, can't describe how backwards they've gone in that department.

All in all, not going to buy at the lawl $125 discounted to $63 US price for Australians during this 'sale'...

edit: Nope, seems it's been this way since release and people have been asking them to fix it. Criminy.

Posted 05:11pm 26/9/14
they gave out a free update for rome last week i think, makes the game a little more interesting but mods make this game a lot better.
Posted 07:06pm 26/9/14
WTH I don't have that crappy unit card UI bug. You are running at 1080? I am STILL experiencing crashes with this game though... makes it very frustrating when you reload the game after a crash and AI act differently to when you played before the cras**

TBH I want to see Empire/Napoleon remade but I doubt this will happen for another 5-10 years. :(
Posted 07:27pm 26/9/14
I disliked rome 2. No as fun as Empire or Shogun. This new games sounds more like an expansion to Rome 2 as apposed to a stand alone title but you gotta make money for the CEO somewhere.
The Nerfatar
Posted 09:35pm 26/9/14
1920x1080 beau. The subtitles were also mostly out below the bottom of the screen in the benchmark test...
Posted 08:19am 27/9/14
these total war games are all turn based yeah?
Posted 09:16am 27/9/14
The campaign map part of the game, yes (think RISK or Civ style map)

The actual battles with troops like in that pic above are real time.
Posted 11:35am 27/9/14
Napoleon will always be my favourite. It pre-dates co-operative multiplayer though, so I cant enjoy it with my friends :(

The next best one is Fall of the Samurai, but I still really enjoy Rome 2. No crashes and looks beautiful. Gameplay is engaging and the era is interesting. The only part I hate is how stubborn other races are when it comes to diplomacy. Might as well not have it in there, if they are red (hate) or yellow (indifferent) they might as well not be diplomatically accessible.
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