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Post by Eorl @ 04:41pm 23/09/14 | 3 Comments
Respawn has released information about the Sand Trap map set to be released as part of the upcoming IMC Rising DLC.

The map, which you can read more about at the blog post, is designed "to use old ideas in new ways" with a central bunker designed to allow Titans to stomp around above ground while Pilots hide below. Deep trenches across the map aim to provide a relatively safe means for Pilots to quickly travel from one end of the space the the other.

These trenches also mean the main central space of the map can be left as a Titan's playground, with little cover. In theory, Respawn believes this adds a unique feel to game modes thanks to long site lines, open spaces and clearly designed choke points when it comes to Capture the Flag.

MC Rising is the final of three Titanfall map packs, and features three new maps called Backwater, Zone 18 and Sandtrap. The map pack will hit Xbox One and PC first and Xbox 360 a short time later.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:10pm 23/9/14
Is anyone still playing this? I tried to find a populated server the other day and got jack.
Posted 01:32am 24/9/14
Is anyone still playing this? I tried to find a populated server the other day and got jack.

Our server is very quiet. I can't get games in the DLC playlists and they just keep on adding more and more playlists so it just spreads the population thinner and thinner. Hopefully Halo doesn't have the same population issues when it uses the same servers.
Posted 08:37am 24/9/14
I just got this on Xbone (thanks D*** Smith for the $19 price) and the servers seem populated. I'm s*** at it since it's the first FPS on a conslol I've ever played.
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