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Post by Eorl @ 03:55pm 22/09/14 | 0 Comments
Strategy card game Scrolls will have its price dramatically dropped ahead of the game's tablet debut, developer MOjang announced today.

Seeing a drop from its original price of $21 to the very feasible $5, Mojang noted in a blog post on the official site that the original asking price "isn't feasible for tablets." That is definitely correct, with some of the most popular mobile and tablet games costing as much as $5 to as little as free. "Free-to-play would be an option, but we're not keen on the way that that form of monetization can affect gameplay," noted the blog.

For those who already purchased the game at its original price tag, the blog post pointed out that you'll be rewarded with a $20 "shard package," which is basically in-game purchases of scrolls, decks and avatars, for free. Further, Scrolls will offer full cross platform play among PC, Mac OS and tablet editions. Players' scroll collections will also be consistent across all platforms.

The game is currently available in beta form on Windows and Mac, but will be launching soon for iOS and Android devices.

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