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Post by Eorl @ 03:43pm 22/09/14 | 4 Comments
With Quake Live now finally available on Steam, the first-person rail shooter genre is starting to make a real comeback. Utilising that surge, developer Reakktor Studios has debuted a new gameplay trailer for their own rail shooter, Toxikk.

The three-minute trailer distills Toxikk's hardass ethos: no regenerating health, no loadouts and, like a teacher on Saturday, no classes. It also introduces the difference between the "Classic Maps" the game will offer, which are smaller and don't have vehicles; and "Massive Maps" which are larger and do.

Development of Toxikk is so far being funded with pre-orders, in packages that range from $5 to $90. Reakktor plans to put Toxikk into a closed beta through Steam Early Access sometime in the last three months of this year.

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Posted 06:45pm 22/9/14
Development of Toxikk is so far being funded with pre-orders, in packages that range from $5 to $90

This is why devs will continue to release broken s*** and you will all buy it like the sheep you all are. Who the hell, that has full use of their brain, pays $90 for a game that is still being made and isn't even out yet
Posted 06:50pm 22/9/14
Well, if the people behind it have an excellent track record of delivering, than yeah it makes sense. For $90 you would expect to be getting more than a digital copy though. $25 seems OK for digital copies imo.

If it is just a random bunch of people or people with shaky background... yeah not funding that.
Posted 08:15pm 22/9/14
what is this game? ut2k3?
Posted 12:31am 23/9/14
Yeah looks very UT inspired, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I think I'd just wait until the game is finished though before bothering with it.
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