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From Software's gothic, Victorian-era PlayStation 4 exclusive RPG Bloodborne has been given a final date of February 6th, 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment announced at Tokyo Game Show 2014.

Sadly no price point has been given but expect the typical Australian pricing schedule. Those looking across the sea will find that American gamers picking up Bloodborne will be able to nab a nifty Collector's Edition, complete with Steelbook collector's case, an art book featuring concept art from the game and a digital copy of the game's complete soundtrack. No news on whether Australia will be gaining a Collector's Edition.

The trailer offers a great glimpse into the very dark and dirty world of Bloodborne that is sure to excite past Souls fans. With enemies ranging from multi-headed creatures to your simple grunt-like withered beings, From Software is definitely capturing that Dark Souls feel quite well.

Expect lots of death, a number of rage moments and probably a few tears as you complete that all-time difficult boss. Check out the trailers below, and also catch a glimpse at the stream for some more in-depth gameplay.

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