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Post by Eorl @ 10:46am 17/09/14 | 4 Comments
BioWare has unveiled a new trailer for their free-to-play MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, suggesting that evil doer Revan will be making a return to the sci-fi universe.

Revan originally appeared as the amnesia-ridden protagonist of Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic for the original Xbox. He wouldn't be seen again for some time, with only some brief appearances in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG for PC, most notably a mid-level Flashpoint. This new trailer shines a light on him however, which leads us to believe he will play a major role in the upcoming 3.0 update for the game.

This is most likely the tip of the iceberg for update 3.0, with BioWare noting that full details on the expansion are to be revealed by the end of September. While we wait for that day to come, check out the short snippet below.

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Latest Comments
The Nerfatar
Posted 11:07am 17/9/14
He's currently at the end of the quest chain thing that they've been releasing in bits for weeks.
Posted 11:47am 17/9/14
I suggest reading the book Star Wars: The Old Republic - REVAN, based just after KOTOR, excellent read and opens up much of the story before this games events for him.
Posted 03:36pm 17/9/14
didn't revan appear in the inquisitor quest line?

i'm sure i beat someone named revan and got their helmet or something.
The Nerfatar
Posted 07:00pm 17/9/14
Don't think so, he appeared in both sides' flashpoint stories at mid level, first released by the republic and then defeated by the empire. You're probably thinking of Darth Nox or whatever his name was, who was the ancestor of the sith inquisitor, whose helmet you get at some point.

edit: Sorry, name wasn't Darth Nox, it was Kallig. Can't remember where the inquisitor gets the name 'Nox' from.
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