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Post by Eorl @ 09:08am 17/09/14 | 10 Comments
Trion Worlds has finally brought the popular Eastern free-to-play MMO ArcheAge to Western shores, opening up the game's access to any and all brave souls early this morning after a rather successful headstart period.

As mentioned above, the game has been open for four days prior to today's public launch thanks to a headstart period only accessible by purchasing a Founders Pack. Trion has noted that with the launch of ArcheAge you can expect some rather long queue times thanks to its free-to-play nature, but are hoping the queues will dwindle down as the launch hype settles. At the moment queues are split into free or subscribing players, with the subscription queues far, far lower than free users so pick your battles.

Are you venturing into the world of ArcheAge? Stuck in queue? Check out the launch trailer below to pass time! Also don't be afraid to give me a wave if you spot Eorl on Kryios, I'll be sure to stop and have a dance!

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:13am 17/9/14
Yeah, if you want to roll on the "unofficial" oceanic servers, be prepared for a VERY long wait time...

They really didn't have enough damn servers at launch!
Posted 10:49am 17/9/14
I'm glad they haven't just rolled a billion servers out though, we've seen it in the past with other MMO's in that doing so will kill populations down the track when everything settles down. Hell, WoW still has a crap ton of dead servers from Vanilla/BC.
Posted 11:01am 17/9/14
Yeah, its a bit of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation when an MMO has separate servers. Wildstar caved to pressure from people whinging about queues at launch and spun up a bunch of extra servers, then when the initial rush tapered off they all felt under-populated.
Posted 11:05am 17/9/14
East or West Eorl?

BTW, farms for rent US$50 per month. 4 Available in safe zones on both sides of Kyrios.

You think it's bad out of game, try this for a quest;

Posted 01:28pm 17/9/14
Heh, I love games that do queues. Everyone becomes so respectful and actually waits. I'm on East side, whatever isn't the cat side.
Posted 02:02pm 17/9/14
Whats keeping people in the queue, why not just run up and hand your quest in? That big green question mark is just begging for it.
Posted 02:22pm 17/9/14
Head start was worth a grand total of f*****g zero to me because of queues and today it got even worse. So there is $100 down the drain, you'd think I would have learned by now not to waste money on this kind of thing. I logged on at 5pm my time tonight and didn't get on until just before 10pm, I played for about 20 minutes and the game crashed. So its time to go to bed.
Posted 02:56pm 17/9/14
You know the head start had no real dollar value to it? The $100 spent was more for the Patron status (60 days is $38.97) and all the various credits/items that would usually be bought with in-game gold/real money. Head start was practically just a pre-order bonus.
Posted 09:02am 18/9/14
I'm on East side, whatever isn't the cat side.

That would be West, and yes I play Firran...but then again I have toons on both sides....
Posted 10:41am 18/9/14
Eorl the early start is the only thing i value in these situations and i am not alone. As a matter of i would argue that the vast majority of people only buy or preorder in this situation for the soul purpose of getting early access and companies like trion know it.
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