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Post by Eorl @ 09:02am 16/09/14 | 8 Comments
After two years of PC exclusivity, developer Torn Banner Studios is bringing its action title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare to consoles, thanks to a new partnership with Activision.

The publisher announced today that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is currently in the works for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and will launch as a downloadable title later this year. The port is made possible through a collaboration with Mercenary Technology, a game management and consultation company.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare initially launched in October 2012 for Windows PC through Steam. Developer Torn Banner Studios created the title with similar mechanics to the team's 2007 Half-Life 2 mod, Age of Chivalry.

Chivalry's console versions will retain the PC version's 12-player multiplayer as well as its four playable classes — Archer, Knight, Man-at-Arms and Vanguard. Players can take each other on in melee combat with swords, shields, javelins, crossbows and other period-authentic ancient weapons.The game also tasks players with other war challenges, such as raiding villages, burning crops and taking down other factions' castles.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:33am 16/9/14
Awesome. One of the funnest games out IMO. It's hilarious every time you play. Local multiplayer would be awesome as well.
Posted 05:39pm 16/9/14
Oh, that's great. So now I know why the game is still a bug-filled lag-fest with bottom-end physics. They first spent all of their time making the Deadliest Warrior DLC, and when that was finished, they must have moved on to the console versions.
Seems fair. All that time, I am still stuck with the Level 5 glitch and can only experience about 30% of the weapon content in the game.
Posted 06:31pm 16/9/14
Level 5? It'd only take you a few hours to get to level 5 again! I don't find it that buggy - they do exist but nothing has interfered with the gaming too much (except the tavern/fists only map but that's been fixed). The physics aren't realistic but I see it as an arcade-y game where realism isn't the goal.
Posted 06:48pm 16/9/14
I'm rank 58, highest rank in Aus, I think there are like 3 or 4 other 58's.

PC version is 32 or 24 player servers. So it's a bit dodgy to say it retains the 12v12.

The game still has some bugs and TB don't communicate with their community very well. A bunch of high end players have left the game because of a few highly unbalanced weapons and no communication from TB as to what they are doing. Console version, pfft, fix your damn game first.

It's still fun though. You'll get REKT by us long term players, we've learned to deal with the desyncs, reverse overhead lookdown no scopes, in fact we know lots of little dodgy ways to get past your parry and it will feel cheap when done to the extreme, with the most powerful weapons.

that being said, most of us really good players don't use the OP weapons much, Greatsword, Brandistock and Messar, preferring to use the more balanced weapons.

Disappointing they have spent time on this console stuff when they said they would doing a better job with the community (they haven't).
Posted 07:42pm 16/9/14
Who do you play as toll?
Posted 10:41pm 16/9/14
Ummm Morgan it's not that it reset the levels, the level system got stuck at level 5. And hence you cannot unlock any new weapons.
Common bug.
And as Toll says so many glitches and issues with hit detection.

When you miss someone with a certain weapon at a certain distance but they then hit u at same distance with a knife, it does get frustrating and frankly not even worth the $5 paid on steam sale.
Posted 07:59am 17/9/14
It isn't that bad.

The level 5 bug was in the game for about a year, it was ridiculous. It should be fixed now though.

I play as Toll of the Vertical Fist.

Posted 09:20am 17/9/14
It isn't that bad.

The level 5 bug was in the game for about a year, it was ridiculous. It should be fixed now though.

ahh that would explain why I couldn't unlock any of the f*****g weapons. Wasted $20 on that POS
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