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Post by Eorl @ 04:22pm 15/09/14 | 3 Comments
Unfortunately it seems a select few individuals aren't liking that Trion Worlds is trying to launch the Western version of free-to-play sandbox title ArcheAge, with the developer confirming that all of their games are currently been hit by DDoS attacks.

According to Ten Ton Hammer the attacks have been occurring all throughout the weekend since ArcheAge's head start launch. Coupled with typical bugs and launch issues of any modern day MMO and ArcheAge isn't having the most stable launch. notes that this isn't the first time Trion has suffered DDoS attacks, with the latest being on September 4th when Community Manager Ocho explained that the servers were being hit by a DDoS attack. Hopefully once the game officially launches to non-Founder members tomorrow the attacks will lessen, but for now keep your eyes peeled on their Twitter account for updates.

Grabbed yourself a Founder's Pack and playing in the head start? How are you liking the game so far? Keep your eyes on AusGamers for our impressions over the next few weeks, but let us know in the comments on your playtime!

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Posted 04:57pm 15/9/14
They should quantify the damages these attacks cause. Have "ddos" as a reason in surveys as to why you haven't bought the game, or why you cencelled subs, or rethought buying ingame items, etc etc.

If they can quantify damages and the attacker is in the same country, not only can they be done for Internet shens, but sued for financial damage on top. As we move onto 100/40mbps internet connections, you don't need much power to drop a brick and mortar server. Need new laws in place.

I'm not totally against dd0s though. I think of it as a form of Internet picketing/protesting. However, nailing companies for no reason, dd0s'n any MMO you can get your hands on just makes the Internet look bad, makes dd0s look really bad, and ultimately doesn't do any good.
Posted 06:41pm 15/9/14
I think it might be happening again, I've been unable to connect / play the game stably for the latter half of today, yet my connection isn't showing latency or bandwidth issues when testing *shrug*

Maybe it's someone who's pissed off that all the nerds who camped out on launch managed to snag all the land and now they're reselling it at ridiculous costs?

That's got me mad enough to consider renting a bot net :P
Posted 07:39pm 15/9/14
Why are Korean gamers angry at them for making a western release? Are they nationalists or something?
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