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Post by Eorl @ 05:11pm 10/09/14 | 1 Comments
A new US-based survey from the industry-tracking NPD group (via GamesIndustry) has found that while 37% of those surveyed play PC games, half of that number are continuing to purchase games at full price, despite the heavy surge of half-price sales thanks to Steam, Green Man Gaming and Good Old Games.

The Understanding PC Gaming 2014 report, based on a June survey of 6,225 individuals in the US ages 9 and older, found that 46 percent of PC gamers have bought titles digitally in the last year. Additionally, those who download their games are "far less likely" to pay full price than those buying physical copies. The NPD Group said half of all PC gamers now make a habit of waiting for price drops before they'll buy a title.

"Consumers' expectations may be the greatest barrier to maximizing spending in the PC gaming space," NPD analyst Liam Callahan said. "Since half of PC gamers who play digital and/or physical games on the computer are expecting there to always be a sale right around the corner, publishers and retailers alike need to better manage these expectations."

Other stats from the survey include the average gaming time of 6.4 hours a week, men outnumbering women (but only by a 51-49 percent split), and the average age being 38 years old, with an average household income of $69,000.

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Posted 07:43am 11/9/14
Paying anymore than you have to for games is for suckers who are too lazy to research first, it's just too easy to avoid paying full price.

This was done in the US I think there would be a far lower percentage of Australians who actually pay full price for a game considering we pay more than our US counterparts so have more of a reason to try and work around RRP.
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