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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:31pm 10/09/14 | 17 Comments
Destiny is out in the wild, wild consumer world and is very quickly becoming the talk of the town.

We've already explained why there's no review available at launch, but in the short amount of time the game has been available, a slew of information about it has already crept up, but is it for the good of the game and its players?

Click here to find out what has us worrying about player experiences with Destiny already.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:39pm 10/9/14
This is why I will always play a game on my own first and play it at my own pace before grouping with others or doing PVP people will spoil games sometimes unintentionally.

I'm enjoying Destiny so far and as you mentioned multiple times I love exploring all the little nooks and crannies.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:56pm 10/9/14
I avoided so many spoilers for Skyrim. I can't image playing a game like that with a guide. Destiny isn't quite as loot or quest populated, but its game-world should still be explored without specific intent
Posted 06:18pm 10/9/14
The chief problem with the solo strategy Meddek is that ultimately Destiny is designed around playing with a group.
Posted 06:30pm 10/9/14
If people want to join my game I don't mind and I love going to an open area with beacons and just fighting waves of enemies as a group but I'm not going to get one of my mates who are already level 16-20 power me through just to get to end game, I'll get to that at my own pace.

I got the s**** at my brother in Diablo 3 ROS because he joined my campaign I said don't skip cut scenes but out of habit he skipped the cut scene where Andaria (The Witch) does her evil morph thing
Posted 06:33pm 10/9/14
I find in a group there's always one that wants to go way faster than everyone else. (I suppose I'm like that in D3, and tanking instances/raids on the run.) Having voice/knowing people helps keep the group in one spot. Worst times are when you need to collect an item and it has a few mins timer on a respawn - keeping the group there for longer. I'm not sure how Destiny works at all so that probably doesn't apply.

I find it hard to slow down on leveling because it feels like a grind to me. Most games have typically been like that, with endgame on the way. I know I'd be hard pressed as a developer to make a game that everyone enjoys leveling on, unless it's IdleRPG. :P
Posted 07:18pm 10/9/14
I used to have a mate in D2 and Borderlands I played with and he always took the loot first and left me the scraps and then ran ahead to get before me, f***en annoying
Posted 07:26pm 10/9/14
I find in a group there's always one that wants to go way faster than everyone else. (I suppose I'm like that in D3, and tanking instances/raids on the run.)
Hahahaha i'm having traumatic flashbacks of wearing my clicker finger to the bone trying to keep up with you
Posted 07:46pm 10/9/14
Yeah, I'm the guy who wants to explore everything and soak up every little bit of lore and story, even if destiny isn't heavy on story I want to wring every little bit out I can. So that plays type rarely works well in coop cos I'm either holding everyone up or they just run off and do things without me.

Once I've gone through it once, I'd happily smash through and ignore story in subsequent runs, but I'm anal about it the first time through.

The fire team missions are a different kettle of fish since they're dedicated group content, so I group up for those, but nothing in the story missions so far leads me to believe that doing them coop is the intended or better way of doing them. It's an option sure, but they're just as viable solo.
Posted 08:02pm 10/9/14
I'm a solo adventurer also. It seems all new games are skewed towards group play like the developers assume everyone wants to partner up and play with friends.

So sure I do get that maybe it's the "majority" but is it to hard to make a good single player/co-op combo so you can just have a full on single player mission then if you choose to go play with friends.

Now as to Destiny; all I've read is about co-op play on this. Is single player ok? Is it enough to keep you engaged for a while?
Posted 08:00am 11/9/14
Now as to Destiny; all I've read is about co-op play on this. Is single player ok? Is it enough to keep you engaged for a while?
I've done the first 5 Earth missions on my own, when you are walking to objectives the world is open and you will run into other players but your interaction is similar to other MMO you might wave and clear some trash with eachother but when you get to your objective it's only open to your party and is easily playable on your own.

As mentioned I haven't felt the need to have a friend with me outside the Fireteam missions (Dungeons)
Posted 08:29am 11/9/14
Two experiences come to mind here :

1. When I first bought fallout 3. I like to actually ignore the main quest. I do this because I like to explore the whole world and find all the secret weapons and cool parts. I do this in the elder scrolls games as well. I can be level 20 before I actually go and find the NPC who starts the main quest.

So my younger bro wants a go - yeah sure, I tell him, go for it.

I go to work and come back 8 hours later to find him talking to my NPC 'father' in the EDEN scene at the very end. He's simply ploughed through the main quests and ignored the rest of the world (doable in around 6-7 hours if you really push).

Still enjoyed the game but was a bit soured by it.

2. Movie previews - like games these days (movies are worse IMO) the preview tends to ruin the movie. I try to never watch them. This is in contrast to my friend who always watches them. I think they ruin the movie. The end result is I end up watching a LOT of REALLY bad movies.

The previews are almost like the other players. Sometimes it's handy - expecially if it's a PVP centric game to learn some tricks early on. In games with a rich campaign, you sometimes like to figure it out on your own, even if it's ridiculously frustrating.

The end message here is - we're not slaves to online reviews - we don't need to read them or team up with other players. Just play the game at your own pace and try to put blinkers on when dealing with other people.

I think the shame is not many games are coming out these days when you get that feeling of wanting to learn and explore!
Posted 11:43pm 14/9/14
Currently playing D3:RoS on PS4 and enjoying it. I liked borderlands 1 only, dropped the 2nd one fast. Destiny looks very impressive graphically and would require me to upgrade hardware which I intend to do once L4D3 is released at which point this game probably won't have many playing it unfortunately.

I enjoy the read here and all the comments. Thing is, what actually separates it from the pack?
Posted 07:19am 15/9/14
TDog your first problem was letting your younger brother play your saved game, that is a no no in the big bros book lol
Movie previews are 2 mins of a 120min+ movie, but I see your point while movie trailers for me personally don't ruin the movie I like seeing a movie without knowing anything about it makes it alot more enjoyable.

Tvcars you have a PS4 what hardware do you need to upgrade to play Destiny? It isn't on PC

Destiny is MMOFPS so think of WoW in a FPS form, you level unlock skills, get gear, do fireteam missions called strikes (Instances/Raids) and PVP. Personally for me the game just flows really well and I'm really enjoying it found it hard to put it down over the weekend, hit level 20 and finished the campaign missions so now I need to work on my gear to be able to do Raids (6 Player Strike MIssions)
Posted 05:27pm 15/9/14
Well if its not on PC I won't be touching it as I never play FPS's on the console. Vid = 6850HD radeon.
Posted 05:45pm 15/9/14
I think some movie previews are worse than others. There are some that literally give away the whole movie, one I saw the other day like that was for The Giver. Others seem to do well and intentionally don't give away too much.

I'm also a very solo orientated casual gamer, it does suck that so many things are MMO or multiplayer focused these days.
Posted 08:07pm 15/9/14
TDog your first problem was letting your younger brother play your saved game, that is a no no in the big bros book lol)

He didn't use my save game!! He started from the start and overtook my progress in a day!
Posted 08:17am 16/9/14
Level 25 now in 3 days, Haven't read a single guide, joined a clan with people I don't know and made some game buddies, had my PS3 for 7 years and this is the first time I've ever used the voice chat.

I wouldn't say taking your time with this game is necessarily a good idea, simple because you WILL be playing the same quests over and over and over if you want to get the most out of this game. Taking your time will likely lead to boredom and frustration.
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